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  1. This is 100% correct. My friend failed to do what she was told. @Wiseman2 I don't think I'm in the wrong for informing my friend that we were naked and would like our privacy respected along with overall respecting them. We don't want unannounced visits from anyone.
  2. If this was like a simple yes or no questions, I'd probably answer, but I'm not going to get into full on detail about my sex life on this post. 😃
  3. Aww thanks. I needed to hear that. We have such a big beautiful back yard, I want to take full advantage of it.
  4. Our concern is she will tell a totally different story because she's influenced by this wonderful guy she is with. She's never been this way, but has gotten more and more defensive and has followed the men's lead in her life. I also want to have privacy, I don't need people knowing we are running around naked in our back yard, because I don't want to draw unnecessary attention. I don't need lurkers or creepers, not that I foresee that happening, but it's something that came to my mind. Our backyard is private for the most part, but there is a little room for error. I don't anticipate wearing clothing in our backyard anytime soon, so that's why it's a minor worry, especially in the moment.
  5. I 100% agree with you, I think this guy is toxic, and I've told her that before, but she won't listen.
  6. I actually agree with you in the sense that she wanted to start drama. As I mentioned in the comment above, she's changed overtime, where as I haven't so much. She's had multiple different men in her life, and I've stayed committed to one. I also think us buying this house has caused jealousy, which it shouldn't. She knew exactly how we would be outside, I told her twice in text and I've commented multiple times during the home buying process that I'm excited to be able to relax nude outside. So this wasn't just a statement or news to her in that text on Saturday. Because I was so upset with the situation, when I walked up with them to made sure they left, I didn't put clothes on, because at that point, it's my house and my rules at that point since they decided to act up. My only concern is that I don't want a twisted story to come out of this. We aren't swingers, we aren't weird. We aren't even "nudists" so to speak. I want to make sure we have some level of privacy in our yard so we can continue to be the way we want.
  7. She and I have always been there for one another, although she's changed more and more as she's gotten older, and I feel like I have stayed more the same. Our backyard is rather large, so as they continued to walk, they had the opportunity to turn around and text/call us. We didn't see them right away, my fiancé was laying out reading a book and I was on a pool lounger in the pool trying to nap a bit when they arrived. I warned them, I even reached out, I didn't intend for them to see us this way, but she basically set herself up for it.
  8. Thanks, I appreciate that. I also agree that she shouldn't have sided with him. She had the opportunity to calm things down, and considering I asked them to stay and we'd go get dressed, I did everything I could and not sure what I could have done differently in that regard. My fiancé and I aren't really shameful in the aspect of us being naked, we actually have jokingly made a point to tell friends and family to contact us before showing up, because of that. So that part is kind of known, but our concern is her using the boyfriends made up story and twisting it around. We do have the right to our privacy, and we do take privacy seriously. We aren't weird people, so it's offensive and hurtful for her to back him with that statement.
  9. Hello! I'm wanting to share something that happened on Saturday because I'm conflicted with how to handle this and quite honestly, I don't know who I can talk to about it, aside from my fiancé. Quick back story, my fiancé (Male) and I (Female) (29 and 28) moved to home this spring in the country. We've hosted quite a few little gatherings since moving in and have had a lot of great times with friends and family. So it's very typical that people reach out wanting to know what we are doing, in hopes for an invite over, which is how this issue came about. My best friend of nearly 15 years texted me on Saturday asking what I was up to. I told her that my fiancé and I were outside hanging around our pool and just having a chill day. (It was nearly 90 degrees so the day couldn't have been better.) My friend then replied back and said, that sounds amazing and proceeded to tell me how she and her boyfriend have nothing going on this weekend. We then talked about Sunday (Fathers Day) and what her plans were and if she was going to see her dad/family, etc. We had a text conversation going back and forth for about 20 minutes. I told my best friend that we plan on being outside in our pool / backyard for the rest of the afternoon and evening, and we plan on grilling later and that we were naked. I told her if she wanted, she and her boyfriend can come over, but to let us know and give us some time so we can put something on. She replied back and said she would ask her boyfriend and get back to me. I said okay. About 45 minutes pass and I hadn't heard back from her, so I assumed they weren't coming over but I texted and asked if she had made up her mind. No response. About 20 minutes after I texted her, she and her boyfriend are walking into our back yard. She gets to where we are and starts bashing us because we hadn't put anything on and threw in my face that we would be dressed when they arrived. I told her that I asked for her to let us know if she was going to come over and that I followed up with her after and she didn't tell me yes or no if they planned on coming over. Her boyfriend (who she's only been with for about 2ish months.) starts getting mouthy and starts throwing around all these false accusations that we just wanted to show off, to try and get with him, and calling us freaks. My fiancé got into an argument with the boyfriend pushing back on them for not following up with me. My best friend finally admitted she didn't follow up with me on the text, but it shouldn't have mattered because since I invited them, we should have been decent and prepared for their arrival. We went back and forth for about 15 minutes, I finally told her I said look, you didn't do what I had asked. I said I'm willing to move forward from this miscommunication and that my fiancé and I will walk inside and put on a swimsuit if they would like to stay. The boyfriend said "No, let's go, I don't want to be around these freaks anymore." So they ended up leaving, I walked up with them to make sure they would leave, and my friend said I can't believe this happened, and I said back, I can't believe you let this happen, I said you were fully aware of what we were doing and you didn't text me back. She said whatever and left. We haven't spoken since. My fiancé thinks I need to cut her off, I wouldn't mind trying to talk this out. I don't know what exactly I should do. My fiancé and I have really great jobs, which our concern is she's going to tell others about what happened, and we'd rather not have our employer or people we work wit know, so we have some level of concern with that, even though it was unintentional and no bad intentions behind any of this. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on what I should do.
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