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  1. Anyone I have ever been with was before I even met him. What aggravates me the most is that I’ve been 100% faithful to him. He has absolutely no reason to think I wouldn’t be. I love him but his insecurities cause major issues. Being accused of doing something I’m not doing is definitely taking its toll.
  2. Almost everytime my husband drinks too much he tells me how big of a *** I am but when he’s sober he apologizes and is a great guy. I know I’m a great person & I know I’m definitely not nor have I ever been a ***. I’m 40 and have dated a reasonable amount of guys, was previously married for 10 years & engaged for 3. I’m from a small town where everyone knows everyone. If I mention someone I was friends with, he asks if I slept with them! I don’t understand how belittling someone like that is LOVE. Any advice?
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