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  1. Thank you so much for your answer! 🙂 I´m trying to
  2. Thank you! That sounds very helpful. I guess what I did was a one-in-a-lifetime mistake and I regret it
  3. No, you misunderstood what I meant. I mean that I don´t want to just leave my girlfriend because of her behaviour. And it was not really an ,,altercation" with this man.. It was rather one sided and I didn´t fight back
  4. Dont´t you think a relationship is worth fighting over? I mean, her reaction is understandable to a certain degree
  5. I am a foreign exchange student (please excuse my English if I make some mistakes) and something really embarrassing happened to me recently. I went to this nightclub with my US girlfriend the other day and got really drunk.. I ended up hitting on another woman and I laid a hand on her bum while doing so (I really don´t know what I was thinking. I´m really ashamed of myself 😞 ). Long story short, I got my ass whooped severely by that girls boyfriend, my face was bruised and swollen for a week. My girlfriend taunts me a lot because of this, she tells me what kind of weakling I was for getting beaten. Even if she does it in a joking way, it still hurts and I want to win her respect back.. What do you think?
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