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    I have a ethics question. I met my ex about 4 years ago when him and his now ex wife got a divorce. She also met someone new. My ex John and his ex wife Sarah had 2 kids together, John and Sarah wanted to me and the Guy Nick to be as involved as possible with the kids and we all where. it all went great until me and John broke up in January he said "he used me to get over Sarah" withing a week he had someone new move in. I decided to back of in seeing the kids because it was to hard for me I haven't seen them since. Sarah and Nick had broken up about 4 weeks ago. and he decided to contact me because he really missed the kids and he's been asked to never contact the kids again because Sarah is moving away with someone new. we have been talking about a lot of stuff mostly about the kids and hou we made mistakes and and he said that he wants something more than friendship and wants to start a FWB relationship and when it's done it's done but I'm afraid that we'll start feeling more for each other and won't be able to act on because of above story Please help
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