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  1. Yes, we are. I don't suffocate her because I never bring this up with her at all.
  2. I've been dating my girlfriend for a couple of month now and everything is going really good. We're each other's firsts. Before we started dating, we were really close friends for over a year. Most things have been going pretty well but there've been some things I've noticed that make me insecure / confused. Since we've started dating, we've only been able to meet up twice because of the pandemic and strict parents. Both times, I felt that she was really nervous around me and didn't feel comfortable holding my hand. But then again, she was fine with playing with my hair and teasing me. IDK, just some incongruence and missed signals, I guess? Over FT, she would want to do everything with me and tell me every little secret over text and ft but could barely talk in person. How can I make her more comfortable and make things more touchy the next time we meet up? Thoughts? Secondly, I get really jealous of her guy friends. She pretty much ONLY has guy friends and a couple (and probably most) are interested in her. I know she picked me but I still get really jealous when she talks about them or to them a lot. I know I offer her more than they can but it still gets to me. I'm fine with her having only guy friends short term. But since we both see this relationship as long term, I would be much happier if she had a more mixed friend group (more girlfriends). Thoughts? Her reasons for not having girlfriends is because girls are "scary and hard to approach"
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