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  1. I do feel like it is insincere. He has always shared how badly he wants to be a father. And when we originally decided we would split, he expressed fear of losing me and not being able to find someone he would want to have kids with. He did not give it much time or thought before he switched and decided he no longer wanted kids and wanted to stay with me.
  2. He is 25. And I agree, once his friends start having kids he will most likely regret his decision not to.
  3. We do live together and originally planned to live out our lease then go our separate ways. Until he changed his mind…
  4. I have been with my boyfriend for 8 years. When we first met I was very open with the fact that I did not want kids. We were very young and our relationship was new so it didn’t pose an issue. As things got more serious, he expressed to me that he did want kids. I was so in love and felt he would make a great father, so I did open my mind and start to consider, but it was always something that seemed so far away. And even then I was constantly going back and forth. We had always said if we did have kids, we’d start trying around the age of 26. I recently turned 26 and realized that I definitely do not want kids. When I first told him he was very understanding and we mutually agreed it would be best for us to split. But he is now saying that he no longer wants kids and wants to stay with me. I would love that more than anything as we have a great relationship and I love him very much. However, he has wanted kids for a very long time and will honeslty be the best father I hate to hold him back from that. And I feel like one day he will regret his decision and resent me for it. I am not sure if I should let him go so he can try to have a family or stay with him like he says he wants to.
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