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  1. I feel breaking over phone is immature. I dont want to involve my friends or family in it, i'd like to deal with it with the help of online community (since i m a very private person, i'd tell friends & family that i broke up but unable to open up to them) Yeah there is no point of being in touch with him after i breakup
  2. It might sound stupid but i had this notion that i will be married by 30...i m turning 30 next year. I want to relax in the arms of person i love....but here i am busy consoling myself.
  3. Hopefully i ll get over him soon
  4. Yes...i m not a kind of woman who asks much. I keep things simple. All i ever wanted from him was respect and love. I dont why its so hard to get it. Will i ever get the person who'd love, respect and trust me? I am tired of this already
  5. Yes...sort of mid management Yeah it will be very civil and hopefully mess-free It will definitely hurt...and i know i m going to get second thoughts on it after the breakup
  6. Thank you everybody for replying to this. I was feeling too weighed down over this topic and didnt know who to turn to. It feels good to be listened to and thank you for understanding my perspective and advicing me.
  7. Confrontation is not one of my best traits. I either get defensive, say something stupid and regret later or i get excessive emotional and cry I guess i will maintain some gap with him virtually ofcourse
  8. I will have a talk with him and breakup in person
  9. Yes...thats right I hope i can gather enough emotional strength to deal with it. Often i have been in situation where i advice people on this matter, and in such scenarios i think to myself why this woman is not leaving this man, why she is putting up with all this. Its difficult, but it should be done
  10. Thats weird when you are in love....brain says its a red flag but my emotions come up with escape answers to it...sad
  11. Yess...thats exactly i expect him to behave. But i dont why it feels guilty to leave him over this
  12. The good things that happened between us in the realtionship I feel maybe its just a phase of him..usually its 50-50 in the relationship..maybe its one of those days where i need to put my 100% I dont want to make him feel not loved at this critical time of his life...
  13. Yeahh...ever since the realisation of him not getting this promotion...he has become excessive hateful towards women
  14. On an average once a month. During lockdown it was once in 3 months. We are not married, it was mutual liking turned to love. But i so wanted it to work, it takes toll on the emotional health to go through this process of falking in love and then to breakup. For me falling out of love takes too much of time and effort
  15. That kills me from inside.
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