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  1. I am not the smartest so please don't take what I say to heart because I could be wrong but love language usually means how do you choose or prefer to express your love for others. For me I am able to best show my love through physical touch, hugging, kisses, etc. Your love language may be gift giving, or talking, etc. Not sure if this makes sense or helps at all!! Take it a day at a time what is meant to be will be!
  2. Hi! I recently got into a relationship with a man whom is in the army. We met online and he wants me to come to where he is stationed currently. He is only my 2nd relationship, my first only had lasted a month as he wasn't the greatest person. I really do want to as it has been two weeks and we are officially a couple now. But I have some hesitation. You hear so many things about crazy things that happen and although I do trust him and believe he is a good hearted genuine guy I just worry that you can never be sure. How should I go about this situation?
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