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  1. I did he said I’m not attracted to her an would never hook up with her if the opportunity presented itself single or with me... he said she is a pretty young girl... and normally I wouldn’t care when he says that about other girls but him dropping *** to help them is pissing me off and the stuff he said especially since he told me she showed him her nipple rings when she was younger... Idk it just pisses me off
  2. No if I thought they were sleeping together I’d be gone! I know the things they do her bf is usually always there too... I’m not really worried about him sleeping with her! Everything that was said and done just really hurt me! That’s why I posted on here an asked what can he or I do to make me feel better! He says he will make her not around rn so I can get over this an then keep it short an simple! But idk if that really gonna happen! Even if it does I’m still hurt about everything that’s the main thing! Idk how to get over it an move on from it ya know!
  3. You barely know him he is gonna do the same thing to her he’s on there to hook up with girls... if ur friend feel for it after u told her that then it has nothing to do with u she has no self respect... she knows what kinda guy he is an don’t care! So when he does the same tell her don’t come crying to me!
  4. That was the only time an I was going to leave we ended up fighting til the next day an eventually we ended up being civil for a family function kinda got along but I was still hurt and the fight started back up again
  5. Well I’ve never had any issues til this hes an amazing guy I don’t know many girls that get treated as god as he treats me this *** just happened... he has now apologized for hurting me but said he didn’t put me 2nd an that I’m over reacting cuz he goes an hangs out with them her an her bf... I’ve never cared b4 tho! And he says he only said that stuff cuz of how we play around in bed... I told him it wasn’t cool cuz it was too close to home for me... after that big fight 2 days ago when he didn’t even leave and said I’ll do whatever to make it easy for u. In reply to me leaving he has said I was mad an handled that wrong but it still happened his saying that don’t really fix what happened... and I don’t want to see her an her bf over hear at all to be honest and I don’t think I’m being crazy! But he keeps asking me what do I need to do to make this better! I have no idea I’m upset an don’t know what will Make me feel better! i know everyone is saying oh leave he don’t deserve a post but ur hearing the main fight points! Not everything else so it’s not that! He’s never lied to me he’s always honest even if I don’t like it like I said our relationship is like nothing I’ve seen b4! But this *** has me really upset especially cuz it’s him i would never expect this *** from him out of all people!
  6. Been together 4 years an nothing like this has ever been an issue... he’s had other girls that are friends that he does too much for in the start of us... I’ve been really happy he opens my door airways buys me flowers out the blue along with other things and our sex life is great but this *** been happening and really upsetting me like I Keep being mad and fighting with him about it! And Idk what to do I can’t figure out my feelings and what I should do or need him to do to make me feel better!
  7. If people are gonna comment saying please use proper paragraphs an punctuation don’t waste ur time! If u wanna help someone out who is very upset by giving your advice and maybe someone to talk to a vent to thank you! If ur only one here to be rude an criticize people you really need to find something better to do if it bothers you don’t read it an go to another post! I don’t understand people like that! I didn’t make u read my post and tell you I need your advice! I’m in need of anybody willing to!! There are plenty of people on the internet I’m sure I’ll find someone! Thanks!
  8. Sry lil upset at the moment an crying! I wrote this very upset! Too upset to fix it atm! So whoever can read this an gives me advice thank you!
  9. My bf has a inappropriate relationship she is 20 he is 43 she is his friends daughter has known her most her life they lived down the rd.. they never talked while we have been together til she moved in down the street renting her moms house... he makes comments about her like she’s hot he wants to *** her got upset when I didn’t think she was hot then I find out at 16 her asked to see her nipple rings an I got pissed he was saying I wanna take her to a daddy daughter dance she is 20 an just odd *** mind u we talk about other people when we’re bring sexual with each other but never someone we know I told him that wasn’t ok now I feel like he puts her first one example is I asked him to cook with me that’s something we love doing with each other he said no I’m busy I got *** to do in a real rude way hurt my feelings made me cry when he left the kitchen... then she comes down and he dropped what he had to do and did the *** she asked that took a long time few hrs... another time he told me I’m trying to finish what I gotta get done so I can come spend time with u I really am then she comes asks him to go for a walk with her an her dog and his dog... he dropped everything went for an HOUR walk... then goes and does her yard work to get a garden going after I told him I wasn’t cool with it when he was there I told him how upset I was threw text an said I’m ready to leave u I’m about done an says ok we can sell the car u can have the couches when I bring up it sux I spent all my money on this stuff how can I get my *** together... and he never came back to make me feel better or to say don’t leave... I know I’m not overreacting!!! We keep fighting about all this an more and he don’t get how I feel says I’m only upset cuz it’s her if it was anyone else’s it wouldn’t matter that’s crazy the issue is her an him putting her first! He wants to fix *** but he’s not doing anything to make me feel better Idk what to do to get past this an move on! An am I overreacting? I don’t think I am but I need someone else who is unbiased opinion!! Can u please help me with this? Idk what else to do right now!! Oh an btw he has put other girls b4 in the past this isn’t a first!
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