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  1. No idea how long they were friends before it changed to FWB. He told me they weren’t friends which is why this is all odd. He told me she wanted more when he decided he didn’t want to carry on the FWB thing but I obviously don’t know if that is true. There’s a lot of things that don’t tie up with what he originally told me and what he is telling me now.
  2. No I haven’t gone through his phone. He randomly mentioned getting a lift with her a few nights ago and I was like what? I thought you weren’t friends with her
  3. So they both booked the festival last year when they were FWB. It got cancelled and changed to this year due to Covid 19. They weren’t supposed to be going together but apparently he can’t find a lift. it’s sold out, so I can’t go even if I wanted to. Festivals aren’t really my thing anyway. I don’t think I would have such an issue with it if he had just been honest from the beginning about them still being in contact. Ive offered to take him and his friend but he said no because that’s going out of my way.
  4. I’ve been dating this guy since December. Anyway I found out a few days ago that he is still in contact with the last women he slept with even though he told me at the time that because of the way she reacted when he called things off he didn’t want anything to do with her. They’re both going to a festival in September and she has offered him a lift with her and some friends. He’s now telling me that they’re friends but hardly ever speak but I just find this really odd. Am I over reacting?
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