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  1. Hi all, Completely new to this forum so bear with me here. I'm a 24 year old grad student and have been dating my 21 year old girlfriend for almost two years now. She was up front about her mental illness from the start, and I had some semblance of what I was getting into, having dealt with depression and anxiety myself in the past. However, her mental health has taken a nose dive over the past year. She's been frequently suicidal, combative, etc. I feel as though her entire life hangs in my hands and I'm responsible for dealing with all of her moods and crises. I know it's not my responsibility and I know it shouldn't be this way, but I do sincerely want to stick by her and help her. However, I feel like I can't set any boundaries without triggering a spiral and I constantly feel like I'm walking on glass. She's several months into therapy and a couple months into SSRI use. The latter has reduced the frequency of her suicidal ideations which is great but the threat still looms. I'm very proud of everything she's done so far, but this has been an especially rough week and I feel trapped. I don't want to leave her but I know it's not fair to me that I'm responsible for her life essentially. Just earlier this week, she threatened to commit suicide and told me it's my fault since I plan on spending time with my family (who I rarely see these days) instead of her during a weeklong break. I can't refuse sex if I'm feeling tired or anxious without sparking a huge fight. I can't take part in hobbies without her getting mad that I'm not spending time with her instead. I realize she's being manipulative albeit unintentionally or so I believe. Granted, it's not always like this, but this week has been especially bad. Like I said, I really don't want to leave her, especially when none of it is her fault and she's really trying to make changes, so any advice would be welcome and very much appreciated. I'm just sort of at a loss right now.
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