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  1. i got a job at a pool about a month ago working the snack bar and i’ve really fancied one of the lifeguards there and didn’t know if he had any interest in me too, and since its just a summer job i wanted to make it known that i at least thought he was attractive. so a few days ago i went to give him some food he ordered and it was just him and one other lifeguard sitting there so i decided to say something since it wasn’t a big group of people and i didn’t think it would get too weird. so i looked right at him and i said “your eyes are beautiful! they go really well with the color of your hair too, i always thought green eyes and brown haie went so well together, i dont know why is just looks so good!” about 5-10 minutes after, one of the other lifeguards came up to the snack bar to get a drink and another one came up and started whispering to him what i had just said (and made it super obvious) i think he was just being playful because he was saying stuff like “im gonna teach him how to pick up women” and i’m friends with all of the other lifeguards and they like to tease me all the time so it might have been just that or if they actually thought it was really weird for me to say that. but either way, it made me feel really awkward after. i saw him the next day and he said hi to me and was being friendly as usual. i saw him again today but we never talked but probably because we were really busy. he seems to be acting the same around me but i just feel really weird going around him now. i’m scared i made him uncomfortable or that the lifeguards were actually just laughing at me instead of joking around with me like usual. we’re a few years apart too, (16 and 19) although its not the biggest age gap (and still technically legal if anything did happen because of age of consent laws in my state) it could still play a part on wether or not i made things weird. although i dont exactly know if he even knows i’m 16 and i’m only guessing hes 19, he could be 18 or even 20 because i googled him and saw he graduates college in 2024. and finally, my boss just told me shes moving me to the check in desk so i’ll be sitting with him almost all of the time now, which i would be excited about but i just feel so weird even talking to him. i’m too nervous anything i say will come off the wrong way. was what i said too flirty or weird? did i come on too strong? what if he doesn’t find me pretty and they were all just laughing at me. it may just be all in my head but i’m a terrible over thinker and i don’t know what to do.
  2. I started a new job at a pool a few weeks ago and I’m really into this guy. We both work a lot so I see him usually 4-5 days a week. He’s so sweet and it’s rare that I ever have an interest in anyone so when I do my feelings are usually pretty strong. Only problem is he’s 19 and I’m 16. The age of consent laws in my state are 16 so it’s not the legal part I’m concerned about anyways, just what other people would think of it or what any other 19 year olds reading this think, plus I’m not really interested in a sexual relationship anyways. I’ve thought a lot about the age gap too and I don’t think 3 years is that bad, also coming from someone who has been manipulated and controlled in past relationships I’m very careful with who I talk to and know the signs of a toxic relationship when I see one so I’m not worried about him taking advantage of me either. Plus, I don’t even know if he’s interested in me at all or if he even knows that I’m 16. The only reason I know that he’s 19 is because I googled him. I guess I’m looking for advice on the whole situation, what people think of the age gap, or if anyone knows how to get someone else to become interested in you. I’m just really hoping this could work out.
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