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  1. Hi, I really love your post. It shows that you are really self aware! First things first, don't blame yourself. We all make mistakes and it's a learning process. Also, we do not control the behavior of others, so how they act is just a sign to let us know that they are not right for us. What we do with that information is our responsibility. Second, you will have to come to an acceptance of being alone. Alot of people are afraid of being happy alone, but there is a great possiblity that some of us will never find romantic love and we need to be ok with that. We need to know that all the love we need is inside of ourselves. And then, you start pouring love into your own life. Start affirming yourself, start taking care of your physical body in a way that aligns with your values, start enjoying your hobbies and investing in your career and finances. When you put yourself first you will realize that you are your own greatest friend. And you will have a life outside of anyone else and you won't need to rely on anyone to give you purpose, worth or love. You're an awesome person and I know you can do this. It takes time. It starts in your mind and flows out from there. I wish you the utmost best.
  2. How do I delete my account? I don't see the option anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  3. I dunno. I could never date a man that dated or is dating someone I know. That's a major turn off and I'd just stop liking him right away. Plenty of fish in the sea! One leaves another one better will come along. It's ok to feel disappointed, if you had hopes, but nothing you can do about it now. This is how life decided to play out and it happened for a reason. Feel better!
  4. You are young. Wanting to be liked and adored on social media is also an expected mindset of the young. This is something that you will learn over time as you continue to grow, and come into a full understanding of who you are. You're young so you're comparing, and figuring out your identity. At some point , if you mature in a healthy way, you'll realize that who you are is the best you could ever be. You could work with a counselor or a therapist. However, I feel like simply accepting oneself is the answer to all this. I remember that I didn't come into my full self worth until later in life. I was always unsure of things and looking back it's to be expected. In the mean time, explore, dress up, dress down, eat healthy, try different hair styles and explore the canvas of your own beauty. We don't all need to be conventionally beautiful. I know I'll never be, but I'm beautiful for myself and that's all that matters. And I'm sure it's the same with you.
  5. That's your problem, you think he's the only decent man out there so you'll put up with his disgusting behavior. There is nothing good about a man that lusts for another woman. He wasn't even tactful about it. If you believe you cannot live without him or that you'll never find anyone better than him, or even believe that you'll be fine without him, you'll keep putting up with trash behavior. Putting aside your relationship, this man is seriously perverted. He lacks boundaries and even self respect. Flowers and holding doors doesn't describe a man's character. Also, judging by your replies to people, you've constantly mentioned being consoled. You know it's ultimately your job to console yourself. We can only offer advice and some compassionate words but you have to find that inner strength inside. This is why babies are encouraged to learn how to self soothe. You have to believe that you were fine before you met this man and will be fine even if he is gone.
  6. Comment removed by author. If someone could tell me how to delete, that would be great. Lol
  7. I understand but punctuation makes it easier to understand. Long bulky paragraphs are hard to read. Even just a space would be helpful.
  8. Ew he sounds disgusting! Omg why are you even asking us about him? Dump him. He's disrespectful. He doesn't even deserve a post. What could we possibly tell you that you don't already know? You can't change him and I'm not sure anyone would want to change a pervert like that.
  9. I've learned in life that no matter what people tell you, you'll do what you want. Maybe it's not your time yet. You're holding on to hope that things will get better. Fortunately for some people, they reach their limit and cut ties on their own. I'm guessing you haven't reached your limit yet, so cutting him off now, would be hard for you. I have advice, but I'll refrain from giving it. But I can say that I empathize with you and hope someday you'll come to learn more about healthy relationships. And learn that you don't need to play games to get someone's attention. It's a learning process and you'll get there. I truly believe that. Cheers
  10. I'm going to be blunt, her leaving is a blessing. From what you're telling me, you're just being beating down by some things in life. It happens to us all. If all she can do is criticize and not support, uplift or encourage then she did the right thing by leaving. We don't need someone to kick us while we are down. Finding work is hard and it's also demoralizing. No one needs to be nagged about it. Anyways, this is a great time to work on yourself. Now you don't have anyone to distract or nag you. I wish you the best. Job searching is rough, so I empathize and I hope your health improves soon.
  11. I am a firm believer that relationships should be healthy and this isn't. I can't tell you what to do but it takes two to tango. I wouldn't waste my time with him and just leave. Then I'd work on my expectations in a realtionship: boundaries, what kind of man I want, his character, how he handles conflict, how he interacts with women. I'd consider all of those things and then ensure the next guy I am with, fits the qualities I'm looking for. I don't believe what you two have is a healthy relationship and I don't believe you need to fight for it. It takes two to work on a relationship and it takes two healthy and mature people to do that. Best wishes.
  12. I know it hurts but atleast now you know what kind of person she is. Not someone to waste your time on. This is why I don't like befriending people at work. Too much drama, especially when they do stupid stuff like that. If you have friends outside of work, go meet up with them and have some fun. 🙂 feel better. update: took the time to read some of the other comments and omg lol. No words. 😂 Especially the part at you being mad at her inviting the introverts and socially awkward. It's people with this mentality that is annoying. Introverts can make friends too. They don't need to be arrogant and loud to be invited to parties, but everyone knows that. Anyways, it's good you were not invited. Again, if you have friends, hang out with them. It's best to not have friends at work! This isn't highschool.
  13. Hi, thank you for your input. The next time I saw him, I tried to ask him a somewhat personal question about his job and I complimented him about his work and he said thank you for saying that. That's when he randomly asked me if I lived nearby. Lol usually it's easy for me to look him dead in the eyes but that day, I kept looking away and I could tell he was amused by it ( lol ugh). While he was leaving the building he went out his way to say bye to me and he seemed so happy and upbeat. Unlike last time when he rushed out because he was embarrassed. Him asking me if I lived nearby also made me wonder if he was planning on asking me out. We shall see. I will try to leave some subtle hints. I'm not good at flirting but I'll try my best. Lol
  14. I tagged the wrong person. Sorry.
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