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  1. Thanks for the advice, I feel a little less anxious now... I think I'll just relax and go with the flow
  2. I often get the impression that it is up to the man to be the one go for a first kiss etc, but these are too things I'm quite hopeless at. In short, you could say that the last thing a woman dating me needs to worry about is me not respecting her boundaries 😅 my problem is more like the complete opposite. Having said that, I've often found on dates that the woman I'm with either makes it really obvious that she wants me to kiss her, or she'll be the one to initiate it herself. Problem solved in either of those cases... But often when I'm on a date I'll feel so much pressure the whole time I'm out with her, often thinking "she's probably wondering why I've not tried to kiss her yet" I have a first-date coming up pretty soon that I'm feeling nervous about for this reason. It's just for a walk around the village we live in and maybe a drink afterwards. Although it's a first date, we have still met once in person (we first met at a party... kind of... and got talking). Would it be weird if I went on this date and didn't try to kiss her? Should I just chill out and see if she tries to initiate one? or maybe a 'goodbye kiss' is the best way to go about it.
  3. Sounds like a good idea but I'm not sure she would take me seriously if I said something like that LOL (as Im not the most mature of guys out there)... but thanks anyway
  4. That's a great idea thank you, I hadn't even thought of looking for reviews
  5. I have a date coming up soon, with a woman I met through this arts event that I sometimes go to. So we've at least already met once in person, unlike if we'd met through Tinder or something. I said about going for a drink and a bite to eat, But I have no idea what sort of places she likes going to. She also lives in a different town to me and I don't really know the area (at all in fact). I feel quite nervous as she comes across as the kind of woman that wants the man to 'lead'... something Im not great at. She is also really good looking, to the point where I was thinking she was way outta my league when I first met her. So I'm worried I'll make a mess of it. Should I just ask her what kind of places she likes? or if she has any suggestions?
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