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  1. I wanna move out and just focus on my studies and nothing else. I don't feel like im ready to be in a relationship right now. I love him but im not madly in love with him. It's more like im used to having him around.
  2. Thank you for helping me out. I feel like my low self-esteem also partially comes from my relationship. I remember wearing a dress i really love, and then he was like we wear this in bed in our country. Don't wear that thing. And it just made me sad and ruined my confidence. And since i moved to this country, he has always been there and i never really got the chance to meet anyone else or date other people.
  3. I didn't know that it's a pathological behavior but i totally feel so bad after he does that. There has been times I'm standing in the middle of a grocery store, looking around like a little lost child just to find him and i feel so left out when he disappears like that and doesn't say a word.
  4. Hi everyone. My boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years and been living together for almost 1,5 year. I study dentistry and my schedule is always so full and busy and I'm so burnt out and stressed from School already. My boyfriend works from home and on his free time he sometimes plays computer games all day long. I've had several mental breakdowns in the past few months and seen a therapist since. I am sometimes so busy with school and stressed that i dont really get the time to clean the house much or so, neither does he! I've discussed it with him several times but nothing changed. I mentioned that i want to move out and focus on myself and my studies, since keeping a house for two always clean and tidy is too much pressure for me and the first thing he said was that he can't pay all the rent on his own. He didn't even ask why i want to move out. And when I'm around him, i mostly feel insecure about myself, and i have selfsteem problems. He kinda never really talks about the problems or stuff and that bothers me a lot. I feel like I'm putting myself mentally under so much pressure because of him. Sometimes we go shopping and he just disappears to get some grocery without saying a word where he's going and i just feel left out around him. I'm a sociable person and i discuss every little thing that bothers me or so. I feel like im burning myself out in this relationship and i have already so much on my plate(because of school and being a foreign student away from home and my family). What do you guys suggest me to do in this situation?
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