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  1. You don't even know the women I've been sleeping with. What makes you sure that she's a muddy puddle and not good enough for me? It's not like I've not gone out and hooked up with some ugly troll with no personality or anything. I'm telling you now. I really like this women as a person. We have so much in common it's freaky and we get on incredibly well. Literally can talk all night and some more. It's hard to explain. It's like she's a female version of myself. I've literally never met someone that is so similar to me (In a good way). I know I've just came out a long relationship , I know I'm not fully over it, not ready for this but here I am regardless. Don't even care what anyone has to say. There is something about this women and i like her. Heck there is something about her that I've not even felt with any of my ex's. It might not go anywhere but I'm certainly open for it to do so. I don't get what the problem is?
  2. Obviously there were feelings involved and I wasn't the one ready to change her out.
  3. Why is that disconcerting? Isn't everyone's partner interchangeable and aren't we free to bang whoever we want? It's just how things are these days. It's not the 1950's and women are no longer *** shamed for having some fun. The way I see it is, we are all free to partner up with whoever we want. They don't complete you though and you don't "need" them. Hence the interchangeably part, lots of perfectly compatable people out there. Not saying I don't fall in love and that I'm not dedicated within a relationship either. Plus people change and compatibility can slowly fade. Hence the interchangeably of partners. I'm not a bad guy or anything. When I'm in a relationship I'm dedicated and manogomas. Interchangeably and casual sex is just what the world is these days. It's human nature.
  4. So I met her. I'm not feeling guilty.
  5. What do you mean? You think I should find a third women?
  6. So.... I met up with her at the hotel. We just spent three days together, mostly inside the hotel room "doing stuff". As bad as it sounds this isn't exactly a unique experience for me. Before my long term relationship i used to do this type of thing rather than "regular" dates. It's not about just banging women, I like to connect, Women tend to fall for me and I seem to drag them into my dream world. There is something quite infectious about me once you let me in. So the hotel thing is mainly because of me being dismissive and frustrating/hot and cold. I think I got into her head so much she broke down and would do anything to meet me (not a unique experience for me). Regarding the "date" it went well. It wasn't strange at all. It was exactly the same as how we communicated ,by text , on the phone and in person. All very casual, relaxed and no pressure. No strange moments, basically it felt that we had been going dating for years from the moment we physically met (not something unique or I haven't experienced either ). She's very into me. She's definitely compatable and we complement each other well. I'm not sure where it will go after this... I REALLY enjoyed being around this woman and spending time with her (I'm not just saying that because of all the sex either). It was so effortless, natural and felt right. As for my EX? I'm not feeling much at the moment. In a weird sort of way I'm feeling sorry for her. As in i think one day she's going to wake up and realises what she's lost and regret it for the rest of her life. Also if I look at this clinically, the new girl seems more compatible on paper than my ex. Although I might it even get into a relationship with her, I'm undecided. I've also have gotten a taste of what my life used to be like before my relationship. So I might even decide to carry on riding this train. I do adore the intense passion associated with a new connection. I'm certainly not above banging women and making them interchangeable. Although on the other hand I do enjoy a stable maynononos relationship.
  7. I met her on a dating site. She seems really compatable. Started and texting , phone , video e.t.c. She's seems quite similar to myself basically like a female version of me. I like that. She lives 3 hours away. Which isn't a big deal. She keeps on suggesting that she drives to me and we book a hotel for a few days. To get to know each other and sex. I'm probably going to take her up on that offer. It's not even about the sex either , I feel like I need to meet her because we get on so well. If it's like that in person it's going to go somewhere.
  8. I'm not using her as a therapist. For wellbeing and healing I'm concentration on strength training / bodybuilding hard. Women want to bang me so it works both ways. As long as I'm ready there isn't anything wrong with that. I wouldn't say I'm "using here" I genuinely like her so far.
  9. I've been focusing on me and mainly my health. Friends and family were worried about me because I came back like a ghost. I didn't look like or act like the person they know me to be. As in they know me for being strong both physically, mentality, ambitions, passionate and inspiring. It's nice to have people that love and support me. They have helped reminded me of who I am. I'm on the mend both mentally and physically. I'm actually in a really good place. I don't feel stressed or under pressure anymore. It's only been a month and I'm well on my way to getting my strength back and becoming my true self again. I feel like a completely different person than the one I was when I wrote this post originally. You were right she was strangling me.
  10. So basically I'm 37 and my ex broke up with me a month ago. We have been together for 7 years and the break up came one day completely out the blue for me . I was shocked and very much in love when she broke up with me. After the break up I moved across country to my hometown. I've been heartbroken and confused and my friend suggested a dating site to bang some different women to take my mind off my ex. Now here is my predicament. I was getting a lot of interest from women but decided having sex with random women to fill a hole was mabye not the best thing I should be doing right now. I decided to delete the app , give myself some self love and grieve. The thing is I kept in contact with one women from the site because we really get on with her. I'm not an arse so I've been 100% transparent and honest with this woman regarding my situation. I've literally told her everything, including that I don't think I'm ready for a relationship right now. I wasn't planning this or looking for it but the thing is I'm really beginning to like this woman and she is feeling exactly the same way. We like all the same stuff and our attitudes and honesty align, she's so easy to talk to and we can literally talk for hours and hours. It's looking like we are super compatible with each other, both emotionally and on paper. If I'm honest with myself I really like her and she's obviously feeling the same. There is definitely something there. I feel it and so does she . As weird as it sounds , we've discussed everything from sexual prefeances expectations, to relationship style, ambitions, expectations e.t.c it all aligns. It's like we've casually going though a huge list and ticking everything off as compatible as we go. We are different in some regards and discussed how our differences would actually be beneficial to the other person. I know it sounds strange but I've literally never communicated this well with anyone before. She's not pushing me or anything, she's actually a super logical , chilled and compassion women. She completely understands my situation and would like to continue to be in contact with me and when I'm ready we can pursue whatever it is what we have. So that's my situation... In not over my ex, mabye I still love her, I don't know. My ex has been quite robotic and not interested in talking which hasn't allowed me to get closure and I've accidentally stumbled onto someone with real potential before I'm ready for it. One thing I'm sure about is this isn't something I should be turning my back on and I need to be open to it. As it doesn't feel like a rebound or that I'm trying to fill a hole or anything. I'm not trying make I've found true love it anything. It's just so far it seems like we're made fur each other both practically and emotionally. It's early days and things could change but so far it just feels right.
  11. I'm in my late 30's and just got dumped by my girlfriend of 6 years. I love her and it's also clear she still loves me. Her reasons for breaking up is I've been lazy , taken her for granted and kinda have lost all ambition. I previously made a lot of money as an engineer but sadly got made redundant when I was 28. I got a a really big pay out that coupled with the money I saved, I took some time to develop property (which I own out right). Fast forward some time and I met my girlfriend and I move 400 miles to be together. I got a job but it didn't last, in that time we got a dog, which I got obsessed with and spent all my time on. I'm not living of rent money that's coming in from my property. I am looking for a job but I'm really struggling to find anything. So basically in just coasting along , not good I know. Pandemic hit and my hopes of finding something was crushed. Nobody recruiting and the huge gap of unemployment makes me really unattractive to recruiter's. So I kinda give up. My plan was/is to set up my own business. Start with dog walking and slowly overtime become a dog training that's something I will be good at. Back to the relationship my girlfriend is really frustrated with me. She's super busy and psychically and emotionally unavailable. This goes on for a while. I've fallen into a bit of a rut. I'm have the world away from my own life and it feels like I'm alone. I don't feel secure in the relationship. So I'm zoning out and going into my own little world. You know it kinda becomes like we are just living together. Don't get me wrong the sex is there, and we do have our moments. It's just we are not in the right head space. I do need time to sort myself out. I'm not exactly the person I want to me and this break up I'm going to use to drive me into action. I really need time to work on myself and get my head our if the clouds. It's been going on a while . She's been frustrated for ages. She's the type of person who threatens to break up over any little argument. It's been a pattern of gets through all her past relationships and ours. I know she's only been voicing things that I've let slip and needed to work on. The thing is it's only been making me more insecure about the relationship and because I've been insecure about the relationship I've had trouble settling here and putting my roots down. Which is a another problem. I know I should have went all in on the relationship. * I forgot to add. Things started to change when I had an episode in work. I was really dizzy, and had blurry vision. I want to hospital but they couldn't find the cause. I found I couldn't do my job after that. I used to be a very fit guy and extremely strong. But his that episode I've lost all my strength and get tired so easily. Like some days I have no energy at all!
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