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  1. Thanks for your opinions guys. It’s easier to see the relationship for what it is from someone else’s POV.
  2. Feels like he wants me waiting for him when he’s ready to play family again.
  3. I would put him on child support if he wasn’t helping with our daughter or spending time with her. Part of him being here almost everyday is to spend time with our daughter. Regardless of how he’s treating me and our relationship, he is a good dad & he has a good relationship with our daughter. But yeah he gives me 250-300 a week which I personally feel is excessive but he insists.
  4. I guess some of the reasons I’m still holding onto him is bc I want to keep our family together. I guess that’s not really my responsibility anymore since he’s the one that walked away. I like the intimacy and company but idk if it’s worth it anymore.
  5. Yeah I feel like I’m giving him everything that someone in a relationship would without the commitment.
  6. My baby’s father and I broke up a month ago. I’m currently 7 months pregnant. He broke up with me because he didn’t feel like I was affectionate enough & I don’t didn’t like hanging out with his friends because I have social anxiety. The week before we broke up he was being super distant & mean to me. I wanted to work on the relationship, go to therapy and try to make things work. At that time he had no interest in that. We still have sex and he comes over almost everyday to hang out. Then he told me he does eventually want to get back together after we have time on our own. He’s taking about getting his own place. So he’s talking about the distant future. He’s talking to other girls. But told me it wasn’t serious and he wasn’t looking for anything. I just feel confused. I feel like if his intentions were really to eventually get back together, he wouldn’t be talking to other girls. It just doesn’t sit right with me that I’m pregnant & we have a 2 year old, and he’s okay talking to other girls.
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