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  1. My partner and I find ourselves in arguments that seem to have a consistent narrative - it usually goes like this: He asks me to help him with something (e.g. massage his foot). Because I know, in this example, I am not that good with foot massages with my hands, I opt to get our massage gun to massage his foot, which I know will do a much better job. But he insists on not using the massage gun and instead I just massage however way I can because he claims that feels good regardless. I insist on using the gun because I know it will do the job much better which is to relieve the tension on his foot. Few back and forth where I ask him to just give it a chance for a few seconds at least before refusing, but he then gets annoyed because I keep defying his wishes and his request and insist on doing things my way which I claim is more beneficial. This is then what leads to the argument which is basically him getting mad at the fact that I didn't listen to him and me feeling frustrated that he is not willing to give me a chance with regards to what maybe better for him that what he even knew. This then escalates into how I am always constantly refuting or opposing him and me feeling like he doesn't seem to appreciate that my intention was not to be proven right but the thought that goes into going above and beyond what's being asked for the ultimate benefit of him. So am I in the wrong for not listening to him, or him for being too big-hearted to give my proposal a try?
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