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  1. He gave me a time frame... like within 6-12 month we get engaged... etc yes maybe things went fast
  2. Everyone, I was a professional athlete and I am working on my mba in finance. I day trade ... ok ? I met him and I guess things went that way... I am 31. I am fit, speak few foreign languages... I am not uneducated or accomplished. I need some good advice...
  3. I moved in on my boyfriend 6 months ago and he in 42 never married. He paid for my breast surgery, and is putting up a barn and got us 3 horses so we can ride. He got it for me because I really wanted to ride horses. It is very expensive investment, we are talking 150k. He is very wealthy, he book us a trip in 2 months... He wanted to buy me a new car but we got into argument about other girl etc. I need someone’s advice, I need someone to tell me that he is serous and committed to this relationship... He is talking about the future, marriage and he already chose the name of a baby girl. I have trust issues ... because he messed up. He gave me a timeframe for our relationship progression... he works from home so we spent time together and have been together 99% of time over the last 4 months... is something wrong with me for having those thoughts ?
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