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  1. I totally agree with you. What does a legally binding contract have to do with two people that love each other? it costs thousands upon thousands of pounds, for what exactly? money that could be used to benefit your life in much greater ways in my opinion also as you say if you were to split further down the line it is even more of a mess than would have been & you are likely to loose half, if not more of any of your assets owed. this is just my way of thinking & it will probably turn a few peoples backs up but each to their own
  2. It isn’t and I don’t expect that. I just don’t know why I feel the way I do and what’s for the best
  3. I can’t answer that. I guess I don’t truly know what I want
  4. I raise her son and we have another together
  5. Yes your right everything has put a strain on things I just don’t know what’s for the best or if there’s any point in trying again or if she would even want too. I have said a few times I would try but my actions haven’t followed. I am 31, yeah Iv had previous relationships
  6. Sorry I didn’t make myself clear, i got a new job not long after being made redundant, all be it on less money but enough to pay the bills
  7. Don’t really know where to start but here goes my partner and I have been together for about 3.5 years. At the start everything was great, although I guess there were a few little red flags, ie how we are both quite fiery & stubborn, but as most relationships go you the flags under the carpet to start off with. The past probably 18 months or so have been hard, with covid lockdowns, me being made redundant, her being pregnant throughout, home schooling her son while trying to work from home herself and then the financial stress of her earning less being on maternity leave on top of everything else etc, the list goes on and I guess things have took their toll eventually. we have argued a lot, over stupid things a lot of the time but there is no longer any spark there really. She moved out for a month or so and I told her I didn’t think things were working but she pushed to try again which we have done but things have just gone back to how it was from my perspective. The way things stand I can’t see us getting that spark back. We are basically in the process of splitting but at the moment she still lives with me. It’s hard and it’s sad an I question myself if I’m doing the right thing or am I throwing something special away. I just don’t know how I am meant to get back to how we were if my heart doesn’t feel init anymore. don’t really know why I’m putting this just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and how things went any advice is appreciated thanks.
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