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  1. So, I've been going to this place of business for a number of years and one of the employees has been sending me signals suggesting she's interested. For years this has been happening. The signals are so clear, one of her co-workers once remarked upon my entry into the building "It's your favorite person!" This remark was prompted by her apparent jubilation at my arrival. Her jubilation was initially stymied when she thought I wasn't going to look at her, when I did; her face lit up bright enough to rival the sun. I had thought I was imagining it, but her co-workers remark made me realize that it wasn't just me seeing these signals. So, after a bit I mustered up the courage to ask her out. And she rejected me. I was puzzled, but I accepted it thinking maybe she's just one of those people who treats everyone like their her favorite person. Moved on... And then, a year later, I catch her looking at me. And not in the usual way. When I catch her, she quickly averts her gaze. She may not want to inadvertently send the wrong signal, I guess. But I've caught her literally looking at me out of the corner of her eye. Like trying to look at me, but not looking like she's looking at me. She's trying to do it on the DL. She does the quick head nod and moves along. None of her other co-workers looks at me like that, I've had enough women interested in me to know when it's happening. She caught me looking at her the other day and she almost jumped into the ceiling! Maybe she's trying to catch me looking? I don't know... I am taking her rejection as a definitive answer and I have no intention of pursuing it. No means no, right? I just can't figure out her odd attention to me. None of her co-workers even looks in my direction. But she makes a point to greet me and say goodbye when I leave. Is she compensating for her earlier rejection? But then why all the staring?
  2. Last year I met this guy, he works at a business I occasionally visit. He and I had an amazing rapport, he would be super helpful and give me the best parking spot in the place and when he did he made sure to tell me he did! He put a smiley face on a paper he gave me and was just very helpful and super nice. He seemed to be making extra effort with me. And I made it a point to always use his name. He was always very courteous always said "bye" before hanging up the phone. Well, the last time I spoke with him, I didn't use his name and instead of saying "bye", he just slowly hung up the phone. It wasn't a slam (It's an old-school phone, with a receiver and everything!)... just slowly put it down. He seemed very cold after I didn't say his name. My read of it was that he felt hurt after my not using his name. It seems like a little thing, but sometimes those little things can actually mean a lot to someone. I just wanted to get some feedback/read of the situation from someone outside the situation. Thanks.
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