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  1. Honestly thanks, feels like I needed to hear that.
  2. I was originally going to mail it. However she lives with her mom. And by the way the she describes her mom I didn’t want her to find it, open it, and throw it away. And we don’t have any mutual friends.
  3. Yes it’s the same girl
  4. Yes it’s the same girl
  5. So my girlfriend and I have been having problems. She has a bad relationship history that she never dealt with that was keeping her for being happy and I felt like she wasn’t acting the same and I stated to lose myself. So we decided to take break over a week ago. Her to properly deal with her past and me to find myself again. We both made a lot of mistakes, but I feel like I put a lot of the blame on her. We haven’t talked in a week. I wrote her a letter apologizing for my mistakes and admitting it wasn’t all her fault, but mine too. I left it on her car to find this morning, but noticed She deleted all our pictures of us on her Facebook last night, but not her ig. But she mostly uses Facebook. My friend says it’s possible she misses you and she deleted them because it hurts. But I feel like it’s over. To give more light on subject, her issues were that she would get really jealous, couldn’t communicate well, and would shut down when she gets upset. My mistakes were mostly selfish. She was trying to get her life back together with work and the gym and all I cared about was my time with her. Also that I would overthink too much. I apologized for both and admitted that I should’ve been more understanding and supportive towards her schedule.
  6. I didn’t flirt with other girls, she says she would see me stare at other girls sometimes. She’s the jealous type, she gets mad when I even mention another girls name even if she’s just a friend. I left because I got tired of us fighting
  7. So long story. So my girlfriend and I have known each other for 3 months and have been together for a little over month. We worked together, which is how we met. When we first stated dating things were great, but things quickly took a turn after only a couple of weeks. My girlfriend has had a lot of bad relationship history and is the jealous type. Which is the thing we fought about most at work. I eventually quit after realizing that if I wanted us to work I had to go somewhere. I thought is having time apart will do us some good. And things were good again however my girlfriend mood swings eventually got in the way. Things didn’t get better, she made me feel under appreciative and bad about myself. And she was bit manipulative. So I broke things off. She acted like she didn’t care at first, but later stated texting me. We texted for bit and asked if we can meet after the gym which i agreed to meet. She came over and nothing was solved, she shuts down emotionally. So I walked her out. After only a minute, my phone started blowing up with messages I don’t want her to text and dive so I called her and she was crying a lot and hysterical. I went over to her house and we talked. I told her I’m willing to give this another try, but I was done with jealousy and to make me feel appreciative every now and again. That was 2 days ago, but she has been acting weird she didn’t pick up her phone when I called her and her messages are very dry. My friend says she probably still recovering but my other friend says she’s trying to get me to chase her and trying to manipulate me again.
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