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  1. I was seeing this guy for about 3mths. He initially pursued me and then eventually I was the one asking him to do things all the time. I am a single mom so I thought it was because of my schedule. He was always coming to my sons baseball games and practice along with coming over to just hangout most weekends and weekdays. I started to question him as to if he wanted a relationship. Cause to me it felt like that’s where we were headed, but I thought it was odd he never would initiate for us to go out. He said he’s not sure if he wants one or he’s not sure if he’s scared to get into one because of past relationships.  He also said he knows he doesn’t want to be single his whole life! I’m struggling with this because he says there’s nothing wrong with me and we have everything in common and our conversations are never ending and that he likes me. We would also text each other everyday. 
    So I told him I think he needs sometime to figure things out and I respect that. Even though he’s never came out and said this is what he needs. After I said that he said how hard it was for him not to text me back that day and he wasn’t sure what to do. I’m not sure how to take that. I then asked him why pursue me in the beginning if you really weren’t sure you wanted a relationship. He never answered that question. I also asked is it something that you just lost interest in me as time has gone on. He answered that with “literally there’s nothing bad about you. Everything you do I like to do. I like you and I know I like to spend time with you and I could talk to you all day and all night and not look for something to keep talking about”

    I told him I feel the same and I know he’s trying to figure things out and I respect that and I would leave things up to him if he wanted to visit and hangout. I told him I have no doubts I’d like to see where things could go. I just need him to know what he wants. He still says how hard it is not texting me and I agree it’s very hard cause I most definitely like this guy but I don’t know what to do with all this. To me if he likes me this much why not try for something. I get being scared cause I’ve definitely went through it with my ex, but there’s something about all this that seems right. I don’t want to let him go but maybe I need to..  

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