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  1. There are, though we don't have the time for it I think. I could check that out, maybe a surprise hehe
  2. That requires some guts I unfortunately don't have hehe
  3. Well I promised I would go with her by the riverside to get an icecream before the summer vacations get us apart, so I assume it's something more than friends since she could invite her friends too but it's only us two. The riverside here in Lisbon is great. She loves the small streets that make Lisbon so curious, and that's in the way to the riverside, and she also likes that part of the city, so yeah: it's all coming together hehe. Today when we were deeply laughing or I was mocking her I would poke her upper arm/shoulder area, to my opinion she didn't see much worried about it, we were laughing too so I can't really distinguish her mood there besides, well, laughing.
  4. Got it! Do it as usual: make her laugh and feel comfortable, and then we'll see how it goes!
  5. Well yeah, I always think alot because I'm not really experient on these things. No girl has even been in a date like this with me, all I want is things to be perfect and the best for her 😛
  6. Alright, so, I made another post describing the situation and check my profile to keep up. Either way, let's get to the deal: So today, I got a date with the girl I like. We sat down together in a bench at her favourite garden, and we were really close together. We laughed and laughed, and I can say with ease that she loved it. At the afternoon, after a meeting we both went together too, I took her home and she really liked it. Next wednesday, I also got a date with her. We're going to the riverside to eat an ice cream and I was thinking if that date is the date where I can make things go forward. By forward, well, I think you all know what I mean. But I need ideas on how to make it. I'm not really creative, and just reaching for her hand seems creepy. Looking for suggestions to make the date better!
  7. Also tomorrow we talked about skipping the last class (which is boring as hell) and go for a walk, though I am not sure if that will happen.
  8. Well yes, Wednesday we are going to start to watch a series together at her home, and before that we will either go to a library full of books she loves or go to the riverside and eat some custard tarts. I really don't know my plans nor what I can do. I was thinking about holding her hand for the first time, but maybe I'm going to fast. Any ideas?
  9. Well, she has once or twice said that I was cute, but doesn't do it frequently other than saying that. And yes, you're right about alcohol 🙂
  10. So another update: I managed to make a bet with her and, before heading to her place, we will go either to a library with the books she loves or go to the riverside and eat some custard tarts. Either way, I'll take her favourite popcorn and possible her favourite food which is strawberries. Can't wait for the day to come, thanks for all the help guys and girls 🙂
  11. Well, what if she is just like this with her close friends? What Im saying basically is, what if she also makes all these questions, wakes up everyone else too. Surely isnt just me, she is super open with people, maybe it's not as linear as I wanted it to be.
  12. She is! She has asked me about a lot of stuff, even the weirdest things. What food we like, what films we like, she has even asked me what was my first impression of her (which surprised me). I really can't count the things we have in common that she asked. We've talked about intimate things but not much. She texts me first in the morning by waking me up with kitten photos, and we talk. I do that too, but it's really a competition to who wakes up first hehe
  13. OK So time to give an update to you all: - Today she came out as Bi to me, she said she hasnt told many people, and that she really appreciated I accepted her. Sign of trust right? - We are going to watch Breaking Bad personally next Wednesday at her house. Thinking of buying her favourite popcorn. Any other ideas? Other info: - We wake up each other everyday, with some cute cat photos. - I flirt around 2-3 times a day with her, she says "That's sweet" - We talk about each other's routines
  14. Well I really don't know how to understand if she's putting effort or not...
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