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  1. The lifestyle is new to her as well, but it is actually a really good point that because she is pursuing it, she already has a really different view on it then I do. Which will probably lead to problems. I think you are right, and I don't really have any other reasonable choice at this point then to work on as humane and clean as possible exit strategy and execute it... Edit: I almost overlooked your point that: That's another really good reason not to wait... I wouldn't want her to guild-stay with me because I stayed with her when she was going through the therapy... So yea
  2. Thank you for your comments. So do you believe then that her going into therapy will not even save this? In other words, should I give her some time to work on herself in a healthy way (i.e. through therapy), while we're together, and I can maybe help her? Or do you think that's pointless/a waste of my time, because our connection is too damaged and it'll just be easier to be single/find someone new?
  3. Thanks for all the responses! As was maybe unclear, nothing has happened yet, and she is aksing if we can open up so she can "cheat legally". I want to quote a few of you that are in my opinion especially helpful. This reaction really hits most of the nails on the head: by talking/learning more about this in the past days, with the help of your reactions, I think she indeed doesn't associate sex with love in a healthy way. And I agree that therapy would be best, so I have to find a way to convince her of that. She had therapy before but it didn't help enough, so she has a hard ti
  4. I have been with my girlfriend for >2 years now. Altho it all started very positively, it has not being going very well. We started living together right before the pandemic started, so immediately being "lockdowned" together, mostly working from home, gave a lot of stress. But more importantly (to me): there is no intimacy between us. My GF has always had trouble with intimacy, in her past relationships, and also in this relationship. She feels like she has a wall around that, and anything that could lead to intimacy, is scary to her (kissing, touching especially in bed, hugging in
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