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  1. Hi guys. I need some sincere advice. I’be been with my husband for 10 years, only 2 of those married. After being together for one year (we were 19 at that time) I caught him on chat roulettes sexting and videoing women on the apps. I forgave him because he was my first bf and I convinced myself he was just being a dumb, horny, college boy. Fast forward to year 5 (we are almost 24) of our relationship, my best friend caught him on Tinder and we broke up for 9 months. I ended up forgiving him and we got back together. Year 7 we move in together and year 8 (were almost 27) we get married. Fast forward to this past weekend, I noticed he had left his email signed in on my computer and I decided to snoop. I found him on an app where you meet live people on webcam and you have to pay for certain features. I did more digging and he’s been on this app for 2 years—a week after we got married. For two years he’s been connecting with random, real women, spending money to receive videos and pictures, sharing his body to them on webcam, talking dirty, etc etc while I’ve been away on work trips or family trips or whatever. I feel pretty numb about the situation, like a big deja vu I don’t deserve. He is BEGGING for his life for me to not leave and is saying he’ll go to therapy or whatever it takes to not lose me. I obviously still love him because it’s 10 years and love is not an on/off switch but I’m very hurt, and a bit disgusted and I don’t know if I can forgive this a third time...especially since we are married now. I told him I need a temporary separation to sort my feelings out but i truly don’t know what will happen... Also, our sex life isn’t the most active, sadly, because I’m a very active woman, and I always just thought it was that his drive was low, but now I feel it’s because he spends so much energy on these cheating apps? I just need real advice. Do I forgive and give our 10 year relationship another chance?? We are at the point we are trying for kids. Or do I gather courage and leave? I have no family house to go back to as my parents are not alive, and my savings is very small for me to make such a drastic move. I appreciate your insights.
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