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  1. So my ex boyfriend and I broke up a year ago. I don't know how he handled it but I cried, went no contact, and tried replying his messages as late as I could. However we ended up becoming friends 4 months ago and really good ones at that. What bothers me is that I still love him and he too told me a week ago that he's always been in love with me but has been trying to hold himself. Problem is none of us wants to get back into the relationship cus both of us attest to the fact that it was hard. Yet we are still so intimate as friends as though we were together. We always spend time together, touch, give intimate hugs and even mistakenly kissed once. Do I cut this guy off completely, set boundaries or just totally give in to the fact that we still love each but are not ready for a relationship?
  2. So my boyfriend broke up with me like 9 months ago and honestly it was so hard on me cus he was my first. One person I confided in said she was even so surprised I had handled it so well for a first time break up... but in my secret places in the mornings and my room at night, I'd cry so hard so much that I usually woke up with swollen eyes. What hurt me more was that he seemed so indifferent about the whole matter. More like a "Yh I broke up with you. It's no big deal" kinda vibe. Months went by and I finally decided to move on and live my life. Then we start to talk and hit things off like we used to when we were together...with a few arguments in between. And just when I thought I could finally move on from him to focus more on other things, this guy calls me to tell me that he is still in love with me. Quoting what he said, it went like " ([My name], I still love you. Can't you see that?) I was so speechless at that time. Cus I still loved him as well but I really didn't want to get back with him to go through all that again. At this point, it feels so awkward cus I love him..he loves me, but none of us is willing to commit to a relationship so we just do everything we did while we were dating (well almost everything)...but with the friend tag. Do I just end all this cus neither one of us wants to commit?
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