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  1. I have been married for about ten and a half months and I hate my marriage. I have been with my husband off and on since I was 14 years old and now we are both in our 30’s and have two kids together and one on the way. Our financial situation is about as band as it can get in a marriage. My husband grew up poor in the projects and had to find a way to get money at an early age he was doing thing legally and illegally to get by which worked for him as a single man but once we decided to be an official adult couple in our early 20’s things took a turn for the worst. He has been an impulsive spender fir the six years and there has been no let up. I am a medical professional so I make the bulk of our money and he contributes when he can but he mostly spends and spends we have gotten down to zero more times then I can count. I know your probably thinking, if this started as soon as you got together why get married nine years later and that’s a valid question I married him out of selfishness I came from a two parent home and I wanted my sons to have what I has hoping that it would turn it to half of what my parents were but here we are still not stable living in a two bedroom apartment with two other adults because financially I don’t trust that we could live on our own and not be evicted or have my kids taken from us for neglect. I don’t have the energy anymore to want to figure this out. I’m not getting younger and I have goals and dreams that I want to see through before my time is up. I am standing on top of divorce papers and I feel like the hope to fix this is so far gone. Any advice????
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