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  1. is there any issuees with the search feature of the forum? had bookmarked couple searches to keep reading later on, now when I click on the bookmarks I get some error asking to wait few seconds and try again, even when I do the search manually from the forum itself it shows 0 results.
  2. it takes 2 to fight, honestly just back off from the next night and don't trigger any more bad things, let him breath and try to communicate in a heatlhy way whenever you both feel calmed.
  3. Agreed I'm talking long term, if the other part didn't open his/her eyes or is willing to talk it up and collaborate after few months, NC makes no sense from a reconciliation perspective.
  4. Very true I've had those experiences too, which makes me doubt what it is the point of NC at all, from the point of view of the reconciliation. Healing wise is the only way but If you really love that person shouldn't you shower him/her with love?
  5. I stopped reading there, follow your guts.
  6. Hopefully we all will be getting a jab soon making next summer a promising time for safe travelling. Which places do you have in mind? would love to get ideas 😄
  7. Sorry to hear that, please be strong.
  8. That's enough to move on I think. Least give it time see if she changes or at least respects you more.
  9. you need to embrace it is good to be alone and be powerful just by being yourself. What you are doing doesn't seem fair to neither you or the women.
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