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  1. For real? And id like to note the joke was nit the part of this. I missed a big part. When he asked how did he know about this insult i lied and said i didnt tell him to say it.
  2. Ok so I had built a trust between me and this person I knew online and we talked and chilled. We felt eachother as friends. Then we have a falling out recently. I told somebody to throw a harmless insult at him for reaction. Then he jumped the gun saying i leaked our dm logs out(I didnt) i then felt extremely guilty on my conscious after we fell out and it was like something grabbing my heart anytime i thought about it Now i messaged him yesterday on an alt account with a paragraph explanation and apology. He said he forgave me but when i asked him to unblock me he said "I didn't say we could be friends" Any thoughts? And thoughts how we can rebuild this bridge?
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