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  1. You are so right! I actually haven't thought about it that way. Thank you! And cute story ^^
  2. Yes. Thank you for answering! I keep seeing this guy at church every week lately, and he's always alone, and I keep thinking about him and wanting to go talk to him, but I think I've been too shy. Hopefully next time I'll have the guts to go for it XD
  3. Haha, thank you so much for your reply! This gave me such a confidence boost, I think I'll actually just go for it the next time I have the chance. Peace
  4. Thank you for answering! XD funny enough, I am into video games aswell, and I have a lot of online friends, part of which I have lately met in real life too. I am also sometimes going to parties and stuff, but then again, I am a bit socially awkward, so I don't know if it's ok for me to start talking to random strangers.
  5. Can someone please tell me how can I meet new people (for dating)? Other than dating apps, because I tried tinder and decided to take a break from it. Also, I often find myself wanting to talk to guys that I find attractive, in real life, but I quickly repress myself because I feel like approaching a stranger on the street (or in public) and just starting to talk to them lowkey feels like harassment lol, and is kind of weird. Plus, I'm a shy girl and besides me probably being super awkward in such an imaginary situation, I also have this (mis)conception the the guy should always make the first step. And I think that if I would finally have the guts to talk to a stranger that I like and he would turn me down, then my self esteem would drop massively. But I really wanna meet new people. Any suggestions how?
  6. I guess it is understandable why you feel like that since people are pressuring you. But you always have to stay true to yourself and remember yourself that you are the only one that can and should choose how your love life should look like. If you feel fulfilled on your own it is ok and it is no one's business but yourselves. You shouldn't let others treat you with pity just because you are single and soon to be 30, because that is perfectly normal as long as it is what you truly want. If they respect you they will stop trying to change you in any way and accept you for who you are. Stop comparing yourself to other people that have other needs and other wished than you do. You are equally as normal as they are. On the other hand, if you start to feel lonely and feel the need of affection from someone else, you should also accept this idea and not push it away just because this is how you've been so far, because people change and maybe something changed in you aswell, along the line. If you are absolutely sure that being single is for you than be single and careless of what others are saying.
  7. We are not bullying or making fun of Josh, if that's what you mean. He started this thing with `being a simp` himself. He called himself that first and he doesn't mind when the rest of the guys are laughing about this because he is aware that it's the truth. Thank you for answering! 🤗
  8. Well that's the thing, Leo is now a `real-life local guy` for me, but I'm afraid to ask him out 😳
  9. So I'm a girl and I have a situation with 2 other guys going on right now. The nasty thing is that they are very close friends (probably best friends) and they've known each other for a long time now. Their fake names will be Josh and Leo. So we are all online-friends and we all talk on discord everyday, as well as with other friends of ours too. I only met both Josh and Leo in real life once. Josh had a crush on me. He lives in another city than me and Leo, and he came to visit his friend a few months ago and I decided to go meet both of them (because he said he also came to see me, so he asked me to come). I knew (or rather felt) that Josh is really into me and it felt nice at first, but then I really started liking Leo more and more and clicking with him better. The only thing is that Josh have probably already told Leo that he's into me, so Leo, being a loyal friend, probably decided to not even think of me that way cuz he knew it will hurt Josh. So he kinda let him "have me" or smth.. so that night when we were all together, we had an amazing time and when it was time for me to leave, Josh decided to be the one to walk me home, not Leo (which again, he probably did it for him). Leo went home alone. Josh walked with me and started to hold my hand on the way (when it was just the 2 of us) and we also kissed when we arrived at my place, and then he went back to Leo's home (although he wasn't from my city and he got lost on the way back lol). The next day I met Josh again, and it was just the 2 of us, and we also kissed a bit, but it was kinda cringe for me (especially now that we were completely sober). Then we said goodbye cuz he was supposed to go back home (to his home-town). And ever since then, Josh has been texting me everyday and he is kinda spamming me, and he also said at one point that he is in love with me (which is crazy because we only met twice in real life basically) and I told him that this is crazy and he said he knows it. The thing is now I really just like Leo more and idk what to tell Josh because I don't want to hurt him, and he is fun, but I will never be with him. He is way more immature than me and Leo, and also is living in another city, and he is just overall more weird. Still, he is simping so hard for me, like all our friends on discord know it at this point and they are all kinda laughing about him being a simp, and he doesn't even care, he knows it and he keeps spamming me, which I'm not necessarily enjoying. I am even answering very dry sometimes or even leave him with seen but he never stops texting me, he just keeps telling me everything he does... at this point I'm just being polite with him because I don't want things to get weird on the discord server. Because I think I need to have all of these friends right now more than I need to have a boyfriend. So I don't want to spoil the mood with all of them just because of this. But at the same time, I kinda really want to ask Leo out, but I'm afraid of him rejecting me for so many reasons, like not wanting to hurt his friend's feelings, or not liking me or anything.. pls help me, idk what to do! I was also thinking about asking another one of our friends on discord what should I do, to choose like a 3rd, impartial guy to tell me what he thinks I should do and if I'll ruin this for me if I talk to any of them about it. But I am honestly afraid because damn all these guys gossip each other so much lmao... so if I ask for an impartial opinion, everyone else might found out, cuz I don't really know who I can trust, since I'm the newest to the group and they all know each other irl and have known each other for a long time. I have only met Leo and Josh irl. So yeah, what should I do?
  10. Well, I should mention that I'm living in a city with my family, the place where I've been living my whole life. He was also living in the city when we met, but he was paying rent here, because his family lived outside the city, in like a small village, 40 kms away. So when the pandemic and the lockdown started, he had to end the agreement with the rent person (idk how to call him...) and moved back home. The lockdown was about 2 months (if I remember correctly) and during that time we only saw each other twice, for a couple of days. I was very sad in that period of time, because we were literally addicted to each other before, and we were hanging out together every day before the pandemic. So we became more distant due to the fact that we couldn't spend as much time together anymore. We couldn't communicate as easily via the internet and the long distance relationship really did not work for us at all. There was a lot of tension. But I had hope that it will all get back to normal once the lockdown would come to an end. Which it didn't happen. After the lockdown ended (officially) he was still living outside the city, because he had no place to live in the city anymore. So we still functioned like a long distance relationship for a few more months. I was still visiting him, and he was coming to the city too, sleeping at some friends, so we can see each other during the day, and we managed to hang out together at least once a week I guess, but again, things had changed. I started feeling like he grew apart from me or smth (I'm not sure how to describe this in English, he just became more distant). That's when my depression really settled in. That's when I realised that things are not going back to normal and that we won't get back to how we used to be, seeing each other every day, and with the same excitement. I tried talking to him but I felt like he just didn't get me anymore. I was missing him so much everyday we weren't together and I think the worst part was that I felt like he actually enjoyed not being close to me anymore, like he was relieved he didn't have to see me every day anymore or something... So the summer (and then autumn) of 2020 had easily turned into a nightmare for me, and from the cute, amazing, perfect couple that we were, we turned into one of those couples that breaks up once every couple of weeks lmao.. we both had made mistakes and we were just pissing each other off at some point. Things just weren't working for us anymore. And I couldn't believe it. And I refused to believe it. My mind was stuck (and partially still is) in that beautiful period of time when everything was perfect and life was easy and pink and I was happy. Everything that happened during September 2018 - march 2020, ever since the first night that we met each other (which was literally a scene out of a romance movie or smth), will probably remain in my memory forever.
  11. I’m a 20 years old girl. When I was 18 I started dating this guy that I fell in love with. It was the best thing that ever happened to me and a part of me thinks that he is my soul mate. We broke up in November 2020, due to a lot of pressure the pandemic has brought on us. During the lockdown, we functioned as a long distance relationship, and after that we only saw each other once a week, not every day like we used to before Coivd… We decided our relationship turned into a toxic one so we mutually agreed to break up and stay friends, because I really did not want him out of my life for good. I thought that this was a good idea, until I started feeling lonely and asked him to get back together. He denied me. So I tried to move on by starting to talk to other guys (I was still talking as ‘friends’ with my ex too..). In December 2020 I posted a picture with another guy, and my ex saw it and, probably due to his super jealous nature, he got super mad at me for moving on too fast (although I didn’t) and he called me a liar (which to this day I still do not know why)… He then blocked me on all social media and I couldn’t reach him ever since. He didn’t even give me a chance to explain myself. I’ve contacted his sister and asked her to talk to him, to convince him to talk to me. He told her that he’s better off without me, and that he wants to just focus on himself for a while, and that I would hurt him even more if we talked again. I have been living a nightmare ever since, because I just want to talk to him, and I feel like I will never get my peace if I don’t. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been going out with lots of guys ever since, hoping that I will forget about him, but none of them felt like him. Should I keep trying to contact him, or keep trying to move on?
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