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  1. Been seeing a guy for a few months. We've been out at least 7 or 8 times (1 time I made him dinner) and we still haven't slept together (he's been hesitant but claims he will be ready even though I've expressed my concerns). I didn’t hear from him to make plans this weekend so I texted him and said I’m rested after my trip to my daughters last weekend but I haven’t heard from him about any plans so I suppose I’ll be expending my energy on others. He replied that he has to work Saturday but hoped to see me during the week next week and next Saturday as well. I also mentioned I’m open to a phone call instead of texting all the time. fyi. He admits he doesn’t need to work 7 days a week and has plenty of money. I don’t expect him to change his desire to work that much for a date but how are we supposed to launch a relationship if he’s working every weekend. Typically he only works until early afternoon on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday afternoon but every now and then he works the full day on Saturday like this Saturday. I haven’t seen him since almost a week ago. Is this just a companionship thing for him? He insists he wants to be with me and continue to see me so I told him sometimes his actions don’t match his words which he admitted to. Even though I really like him I’ve decided to go out on a few casual first dates this weekend with a few men I met online. Just coffee or a walk in park. I got nothing to lose and he certainly isn’t going out of his way for me. Should I even continue seeing him? I feel like saying I’ve told him I’m looking for a relationship (which I’ve mentioned any times) and because he has decided to work 7 days a week I don’t believe that’s possible with him since it takes time and effort. the irony is that I broke up with someone long distance several months ago because we only saw each other on weekends but I saw him a lot more than this guy. btw he still is only texting.
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