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  1. Their objection is 90% political - Trump vs Biden and ~10% holding grudges about past arguments. I guess I feel that there is more at stake? It does seem pretty selfish thinking about it overall. Thank you for making me aware. I guess I just want one big happy family again. Also, I feel the reasoning behind the conflict is not justified, people can have different politics and still get along. I am on neithers political side but we still get along. Pre-covid we had girls nights with sister and brother's wife. We also had weekly family dinners. Now brother and wife are very vocal on t
  2. My husband has an older brother and a younger sister. The brother and his wife do not get along with sisters boyfriend. Due to disagreements over covid/restrictions/politics, the brother and wife refuse to be around the boyfriend. Now that covid restrictions are easing, brother and wife want to host a dinner at their house - inviting grandparents, parents, us, and sister. Boyfriend is specifically not invited. So sister is also not going. I think it's their house, they are allowed to invite/not invite who they want but shouldn't be surprised if sister doesn't go. Husband wants to also not
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