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  1. Well, to be quite honest. My new job is literally the building next to hers. There’s bound to be an awkward run-in, or 500. I’d much prefer that were able to not feel like *** while we’re at work. At the minimum I want it to be somewhat normal. and I’m big on second chances. I don’t know. Things just ended soo poorly that I quite honestly wish we could just put it behind us. If we date, great. If not, I can get some of my sanity back!
  2. Hey everyone. we broke up in August due to my withholding of affection and overall being a terrible boyfriend. it was a bad breakup really tough on both of us. We both cried, and she told me “I don’t want to do this, but there’s better people out there for us. This just isn’t working” we were constantly fighting and honestly both miserable due to lack of communication. i ***ed up and begged for her back and got labeled as manipulative. I just want to text her to see how she’s doing. I hate how things ended. Yeah, I’d get back with her. But I hate this feeling of her hating me.
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