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  1. ITS ME THE GIRL WHO WROTE THIS. I just also would like to add that my semester single was not what I imagined. I hated every second of it. It was gross and after the fact that it’s over I realized that I wasn’t missing out on anything while being in a relationship.
  2. So I broke up with my boyfriend because long distance was getting really hard. Here is the entire back story: We were always in the same crowd throughout high school but we never ever spoke. One random night we became really close. We started hanging out almost everyday as friends. Eventually things escalated and we started to like one another but we did not know and did not say anything because we were both going away for school. So he left without having establish anything cause we both never wanted to go to college with a boyfriend/girlfriend. Anyways we talk every single day still an
  3. Ok so me and my boyfriend are in college and are almost 2,000 miles away. I love him so much and it never crossed my mind that I would want to kiss another guy until I met this one guy the other day.He is not from here and he was leaving in a couple days. We had met at an event and became friends instantly and from the very beginning he was trying to kiss me even though I reassured him I had a boyfriend. Even though he kept pursuing I still hung around because we genuinely were having fun dancing and talking. Before the event was over he asked for my number so I gave it to him. A few hours lat
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