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  1. Rose, to be honest, i don't know. She finished art school and now she takes small projects but in general has a lot of free time. She's on the boy-sh side, showing some masculine traits, on her appearing, attitude and vocabulary. But frankly i liked that she wasn't poshy or anything like that in the beginning. She hasn't talked about her aspirations, hopes, dreams. She is somehow cynical around subjects i consider heart warming. All i know for sure is that she likes to gather and party with her group. Frankly, i envy her because most of my friends have families and i could enjoy a fun time or
  2. Oh and one time i did a sexist joke, exagerated of course, she instantly slapped me. Like straight away. It wasn't hard, but not soft for sure! I wasn't mad about it, but i questioned her behaviour. The joke wasn't harsh or about her..
  3. Oh, i forgot to mention one time she had to shower at this guy's place because she didn't had warm water. She was open about this and plain blunt, and i don't know why i wasn't bothered at that moment. Now, connected with all above, it makes me question whether she has a toxic behaviour or not. It looks like she doesn't have an issue with these boys hoovering around them like a pack of sattellites lol. I don't know man, it's just..some things are really weird. I'm not doing that. I'm not like that. I don't find this normal. it's hard for me to consider this normal in this given circumstance wi
  4. I've decided to put an end to this a few days ago. The whole thing was sad and frustrating the whole time. I did it the next day she sent me a printscreen of a conversation with one of her male friends who was complaining that she is "all wise with you, never *heart emojis*". Before sending me the pic, she opened up the discussion with "Food for your soul" and the next thing she wrote after the pic was "So..screw you both, this is who i am". We were talking about our day, food, it was bizarre how it got to this to be honest, so i replied with "huh?". She then replied with "He has the same prob
  5. You are right, i do have something to work on that. When i realized she might feel offended by how i apologized and told her that i don't want her to be anything else if she thinks that's the way to go. I appreciate that she at least said she's sorry, but it's something about her that makes me feel in constant..danger. Her weird jokes, her life choices etc, her words without no filter whatsoever. Indeed, i'm staying with one leg in and one leg out, figuring out who she is. Regarding those couple of weeks, she randomly sent me a snip with her discussion with one of her male frie
  6. Hi all ! I'm a 30 y/o male, she's 33. During these pandemic times, we first talked on Tinder. Personally, i'm not a huge fan of it and i need some sort of a decent connection with the person i'm talking to. Looking for something on the long run. First 3 weeks were amazing. We dated and after 2 weeks we had sex. Talks were good, sex was good. We used to tease each other and making funny jokes but, one joke of hers really blew my mind and i just saw in my opinion a red flag. Here it goes. English is not my main language so bare with me please. First time at my place, i showe
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