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  1. I totally agree, myself and my daughter have both had therapy and we have a very special bond, which is great. I can't move away because my daughter would never leave her grandad after he nana died, we live with him at present and he is a great support to both of us. My daughter was very close to her nana and when she died didnt handle it at all, so now won't leave her grandad and i has separation issues and sometimes won't go on holiday or weekend away incase we are away and something happens to him. We have our whole to go on holiday and won't push her unless she is happy to go. My daughter is my only concern and priority and i'll spend there rest of my like trying to make up for her awful childhood at the hands of my ex
  2. His daughter was a means to an end for his ex. His ex is a latvian lapdancer who is 15 years younger than him, she does what she wants and her daughter is always an after though. as soon as she had her they split up, now whenever she decides she wants a weekend away and my ex was away working it always landed on me, i would get 2 days notice even though her trips were booked months in advance. Having a baby meant she had automatic authority to live in this country. Yes i am in therapy as we speak, not just about this but what my daughter is going through with her dad as i feel helpless to help her as he was very abusive , she has no access to her dad as his new wife wont allow it as she fears hed want me back if we had to talk regarding our daughter. I have an ongoing restraining order from him due to abuse but my daughter seems to forget all the bad things and just wants to see her dad and her half brother but isnt allowed. Awful situation for her and with them living on our doorstep its pushed under her nose every day. I just wish i could help more.
  3. You're so right, i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and my money is mine without feeling the need to be careful about what i spend he case hes short. I have a busy life between work and my daughter so its not like a sit around moping or feeling sorry for myself that i didnt leave sooner. Thanks
  4. I doubt that as my number isnt attached to his contact and i have a profile pic on my phone. The truth is i have known for a while as everywhere we have been together i have story regarding his ex for every place we visited. When i split with my ex husband i was single 3 years and when i met my current ex, he made me laugh again, gave me confidence and he was supportive as i was still being stalked by my ex husband who i eventually got a restraining order from, things just changed after 15 month and i guess by this time i felt trapped and humilated that i let someone else treat me badly. He is now out our lives and i am much happier.
  5. Thanks for all your comments, it actually makes me understand just what i have put up with, I have now told him not to contact me again via anywhere or through friends as we have a lot of the same friends. i know he will struggle in life and every relationship, he is very good at manipulating people. I think i need to be single and enjoy my life again. I have a great support network through family and friends and my job keeps me very busy. Thanks again
  6. When i began dating my boyfriend 6 years ago, his ex was saved on his phone as the lying ling with no picture attached, i recently discovered she is now back to her name and he has attached her picture to her contact in his phone dressed as catwoman, so everytime she calls him her picture comes up, mine isnt attached to my contact. am i being paranoid, or is this a sign hes still in love with her?
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