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  1. Hi everyone. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and after a visit to the hospital after some bleeding, my doctor called me into her office. She informed me that I have Chlamydia. This is my 3rd pregnancy in the past 8 months including 2 losses. Each time I went to my initial appointments where my doctor tested for it like they always do, of course being negative all those other times, including the beginning of this pregnancy. She made clear what I already knew and what anyone reading this is thinking. That my either my partner or myself had to have had sex with someone else. And since I know it wasn't me.... He is chosing to lie to me and deny anything has happened. I know the reality is that simply isn't possible. I honestly just need a kick in the ass and some brutal honesty here. I'm not even sure what my question or what I want out of this but feeling weak and broken right now and need to get it off of my chest somewhere.
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