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  1. Tbf we haven’t been living together just seeing each other most days. I put zero parental responsibility on her and make a point if that. I would just like to make that clear. I don’t feel like I’ve acted like a big baby as you put it. More like I fell in love with a girl and a situation. I’m not saying I want to see her everyday but moving from 6 days a week to 2 just felt so drastic. all that said. I’ve now had time to sleep on it and respect her decision. I have received some constructive advise on here, although not sure yours is as constructive. We both agree that we love
  2. Have been with my GF for 8mth. We have been friends of friends for a few years but got together just before covid lockdown in the U.K. started. we have spent most days together and have both really enjoyed it. but now lockdown is lifting she has said she would like to take a step back and just see each other 2 days a week stating that she wants time to see her friends and be alone. I know she enjoys her own company but I feel that 2 days is just not enough for me. I am a widower of a 12yrs marriage and she has had a couple of unsuccessful relationships. I like to feel loved and rea
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