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  1. UPDATE: She just arrived at my house and i told her i cant do this anymore. thank you everyone for using your time and effort to help me.
  2. Exactly, i always make the compromises on my part but she thinks everything has to go her way. If i was the way she was with me she would've ended the relationship when it just started. I cant even have space without her threatening to break up with me. But then when i end it with her she wil say how sorry she is, or not depending on her mood.
  3. Sorry i replied that way because i thought you agreed with my girlfriend. I didnt realise you said my mother. Thank you for your advice i've never had so many opinions at once , everything is helping and giving me a different perspective. Im going to talk to her on friday.
  4. I dont understand why i need to block my partner to get space? How is that normal. If she cant have the decency to respect what i need then how are we supposed to be together. She calls me selfish for wanting space, but shes the selfish one that cant leave me alone for one day and says how i dont love her or want to be with her. How am i supposed to want to be with her when shes on my ass about everything i do in my life?
  5. Ill think about it. Getting space is difficult in my situation, so getting her to even slightly understand seems impossible.
  6. I know and i agree, yourw right. I feel miserable and guilty that i have to make the decision whether the relationship continues or ends here.
  7. trust me man ive tried talking to her about this ***. coming here is the last stop before i decide what im actually going to do with this relationship. im tired of the manipulation and im tired of constantly feeling drained, a relationship is supposed to make you feel good not ***ty. It is what it is i guess, we live and learn .
  8. This is what i mean She just doesnt want to let me have space. She ended up making me feel selfish and guilty for wanting space and thinking about my own health for once. She got petty and was like "you want space? okay then i wont see you until next week" . I was saying to her please leave me alone and she said " tell me to leave you alone one more time and i will leave for good" . 1st day of trying to get some space is unsuccessful ;D
  9. I agree but most of the whole issue is that she gets mad at me for such silly reasons. Ive told her this a million times. She once got angry because i left college early since i had to go to a funeral, and she didnt like the fact i didnt tell her i left early. We dont even go to the same college.
  10. Ive told her i needed space. I didnt just ignore her. I told her i needed space for a few days. She's then telling me how i dont care about her, when i need space to clear my head?
  11. Yeah i understand. Its not good but im gonna die anyway so *** it. As long as its not taking over my life and im keeping on top of my college work and job then ill be fine.
  12. UPDATE : Im having some space apart from her for just a few days ( which ive never done before ) . Its the first day and she is texting me how annoyed she is that i didnt message her asking if shes okay. I literally cannot do anything kms
  13. Ill give it a month and see how things are. Hard decisions lead to an easy life .
  14. I appreciate you and the advice. At the end of the day i agree with what you’re saying but the idea of being single is all that appealing . The thing is neither of us know how a normal relationship should work and what is considered unhealthy or healthy. Both of ur parents are not together and even a lot of her friends r n ***ty unhappy relationships. Ill see how things are and will try to do everything in my power for things to get better, but i can only do so much.
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