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  1. I'm not detached from them. One side of me feels like I can make it work
  2. I don't really hate it, we were just friends at first then we started talking and eventually things got serious. I knew what my preference was but i didn't consider it a big deal until later on when everything has gotten deeper than it was. Meeting her daughter and all of us hanging out going to the movies, and arcades. So not wanting her to feel like this some fling and having her or her 9yr old see other temporary males coming and going this is one of the reasons I chose to stay. She told me I am the first guy she's dated after that relationship and that her daughter never really met any man she's dated because she didn't want to bring anyone around her so soon.
  3. I was saying that it was what it has gotten to be like. When the sexual wasn't taking place. I wasn't using it as the cover though to keep her around.
  4. I have no issue with the child's father, I've met him once. My issue is just wanting everything mine
  5. Like in most or some relationships you have the father not in the child's life and there's no form of ties to him. I could better cope with the situation If that had been the case but at the same time I wouldn't want her daughter growing up without her father.
  6. Known her 2 years max and been together for 1 in few months. I mean it's not that simple once feelings set in on it.
  7. Do you think im overreacting? Being with someone who already has a 9yr old and I have no kids. On top of this, the dad is In the child's life and while I definitely applaud fathers who are in there child's life the other half of me feels envious of something being done before me and not the 1st time with me.
  8. Yeah I can understand that, so in a situation like if you have none and your bf has 1 how would you feel? Once you've already gotten serious with him.
  9. Like when I met my gf I sort of had the thought but didn't entertain it too much buy now when im like a year in few months into the relationship it's like all of these different feelings about it sort of starts creeping in. I don't want to seem mean about it so I don't discuss it with her like that.
  10. Like that feeling of jealousy, feeling detached, knowing that the child could never be mine. Always imagining having a baby being a new experience for both
  11. Is it normal to sort of feel bothered by your gf/bf having a child and you don't? The thought that the child would never really be my own.
  12. I don't see the harm in it. If it becomes serious then the family would make it a bigger deal.
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