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  1. She blocked myself and my sister the second I did it and never even said anything back to me
  2. Yes I ended it about 90 minutes ago she read my message but did not reply just blocked my family and I on Facebook
  3. Isint it bad to do on phone normally? Deff be easier but I don't wanna be a p.o.s
  4. It's all she can make work since she works 6 days a week on night shift wich Deffintly has not helped
  5. Yep and I can't handle trust issues been trying but I'm over it too much stress
  6. Not an affair you must not have car show cruises were you live?
  7. That's the only time she has time to meet and she's super paranoid to dine out at restaurants right now I'm the complete opposite and have been living life as normal while all she does is go to work and home Isint it bad to do on phone normally?
  8. Nope just then sadly And do it right when she gets in my truck or wait a few? Tbh I haven't done much dating even tho I'm 27
  9. I've been I a relationship with my girlfriend since January she has stated to have major trust issues with me yet I've done nothing to deserve this and I have not grown any feelings for her I want to end our relationship but because of our work schedules we only have time to meet on her lunch break I know uletting her go on her lunch when she has to go back to work would ruin the rest of her work day so what should I do? I'm very nervous about doing this and don't know what to say to her she always asks if I'm gonna leave her for some prettier asked if I took someone to my hotel when work let me travel for bussiness wich should of been a moment of happiness since my work let me do this and she has a problem with me having a female manager who I will eventually share a private office with when I get promoted management yet my manger is 15 years older then me there is a car show in our town next month my gf and I were gonna go to but now she can't so she made me promise to cruise alone and not let anyone ride with me including my manger who I promised to take for a few laps so her toddler could get to ride a few laps in this cruise she even asked me if i was the one who called her job anonymously to get her fired wich really upset me
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