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  1. Ok so here’s the story. My ex told me in December he had been cheating on me the whole time we were together, cheating “emotionally” with his ex baby momma. We had been living in different cities cuz i moved for school and was working hard to get a place to move him with me. But he left out place to go back to his home town and ended living with her. So he broke up with me. So I went out and got a booty call. We talked a few weeks after he told me he had been cheating. I didn’t yell or tell him any kind of hurtful things. Sorta patched things up to get back together. sooo later on he asked if I had ever done anything with anyone and I said yes. The month you told me about cheating I went out cuz I couldn’t believe it was just emotionally and well I acted out and didn’t think if I should just have sex with a stranger. So long story short, he wants the name of the guy to beat him up and refuses to love me and says I’m nothing to him and vise versa. Until I give the name then he will love me. He’s mad cuz it’s been a month now since I told him and I still haven’t given a name. He said if I don’t give a name I lose him and we will make my life and my booty call hell. And I’ve only been with that guy in December. After that I’ve been ignoring him and not even seeing him. Idk what to do.
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