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  1. So in January when I found out about my BM seeing someone else while she was living with me.. I was frustrated and mad because even though we weren't together at the time she was still living with me.. so I found a pic of them kissing as her screensaver.. and it hurt me pretty bad so I went off on her and kick her out.. a day later I decided to go to her work during lunch hr to apologize about my reaction the day before only to be suprised by him on the driver side on our car and pulled a 9mm to my face as soon as I pulled up.. he said what's up n***a and I completely ignored him but scared de
  2. Yes I am working and yes I support them. But I don't give her anything because on the weeks she doesn't have them.. shes out and about with her friends, partying and going on getaways and etc.. so she has to be stable for her to be doing all of that. But when I have my kids I buy them clothes and stuff they need.
  3. Yeah I mean I play the waiting game when she just wants to have a text conversation but when she asked about our kids or vice versa then thats when it's a quick response.
  4. Thanks I will look into that. And yes I try not too because I know it's wrong and she is always the one who initiates the contact. I've been nothing but the best for my girls (4,3) and tbh they prefer me over their mom but I never make them choose. And yes I don't call her BM because I don't like how it sounds. I just call her by her name.
  5. Well supposedly she only said its been once but tbh I don't even believe it anymore cause shes lied so much to me about a few things.. like I found out the guy has gone over a couple times the weeks she has my kids because my 2 girls (4,3 year olds ) told me. He's gone with them once to a birthday party too like *** that's too much too soon. And our reason for our break up was that she said she was just tired of everything with us.. like we were a little un financially stable but during this pandemic who wasn't and she was trying to do so many things all at once at the moment and then claims I
  6. Ok so my ex girlfriend and I broke up about 7-8 months ago and were living together still until about 3 months ago she got her own place living alone because I found out she was already talking to someone 15 years older than her. They are currently in their relationship but we still keep contact because of our 2 children.. we have them week to week. I hate how she already has already introduced him to our kids so early. He already has 4 kids of his own a 40year old dude. And here's the other part that has me more confused. She still says she loves me and we have intimate moments whenever she w
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