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  1. I never said anything about him being abusive. And storming out of the room, sleeping on the couch, and not saying anything else to me when I try to talk to him is definitely throwing a tantrum in my eyes.
  2. I understand that, but he’s a fully grown adult. No reason to throw temper tantrums. Besides, how can you be angry if someone is unsure about that given our history? I can’t control the way I feel.
  3. I’ll definitely give this some major thought! Actually a great idea
  4. I honestly almost came to tears at this realization. I never in a million years thought that I would be in this predicament.
  5. Yes, I have brothers that wouldn’t hesitate to assist. But I truly don’t want to get them involved. It wouldn’t probably get pretty messy🤦🏽‍♀️
  6. Honestly, I know everything I’ve said here, but I don’t feel that this is a loveless relationship. I don’t doubt that he loves me but that’s really not the issue here. I just can’t help but be jaded about everything.
  7. Maybe so....I honestly don’t know. I just feel like anytime I try to end things he’ll just bring up everything I did and tell me that it’s my fault that things are bad so why try to end it
  8. Im honestly not trying to make excuses because I definitely see the problem here. I just didn’t want you guys to think he doesn’t help out AT ALL because he does.
  9. I literally just told him this whole situation is TOXIC!! I’ve done more wrong than him in this relationship and he really holds things over my head. So I feel bad for trying to leave because he always makes it seem like it’s my fault that things are the way they are so why am I trying to end things??
  10. Because most time, it doesn’t feel like he’s being a “parasite” as I’ve said, he does help around the house with things. Household items, food, he makes sure my car has gas in it, etc..but I guess that’s the least he could do right? Because even then, it still doesn’t seem like a fair exchange considering I still do all those thing as well plus the bills....
  11. And nothing’s changed! It’s the same exact way right now.
  12. Guilt, I’m assuming. I’ve never been in this type of situation before. I’m usually very strong minded and no-nonsense when dealing with guys. I’m definitely not afraid of being single. Like I said, I’ve tried ending things multiple times. But the guilt trips always start...
  13. I guess part of me always tries to look at the good parts of the relationship. Even when I try to end things, I just try to find the positives, which there are some. But we just always end up fighting about one thing or another.
  14. Oh, believe me! I agree 100%! It’s like anytime I try to end things, he says something like “oh now you want to end things, when you’re he one who’s done xyz?!?” And I just give in, I guess. Sadly.
  15. Honestly, I’ve tried! Like I stated, I’ve been no angel and I know part of me just feels guilty about that. But I’ve told him I wanted to end things and go separate ways. He won’t accept that.
  16. Yes. But I feel as though any rational adult would give that question some thought when caught off guard? Maybe not. And yes I wanted to just said yes but whole heartedly, I couldn’t, knowing that it wouldn’t be 100% true.
  17. Yes! I know! Part of me feels guilty for the things I’ve done as well. I’ve been no angel and neither has he but I’ve had more wrongs that he has in this relationship so I know that plays a key role in why I’ve stayed.
  18. Lately, we’ve been okay. There hasn’t been anything that has set us off. But anytime we do argue, everything from the past comes up and it’s just a big blow up. And I’m honestly tired of it. So of course, I’m not just gonna tell you “yes! I wanna be with you until I die!” because that would be a lie, with the way things are going.
  19. So my boyfriend and I were just chilling and watching movies. All of a sudden he asks “hey, do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” He really caught me off guard, so I sort of paused after the question. Also, I didn’t want to answer a question that serious right off the bat. We’ve been together for two years so Yes, I’ve given it some thought before but he and I have been through some tough situations and we argue and fight over the smallest things sometimes and it happens pretty often. So naturally, I wanted to think about all the variables before giving him an answer. But before I could respond, he yells “NEVERMIND!” and storms out of the room. He slept in a separate room and hasn’t said anything else to me since last night. I’m just wondering and I wrong in this situation for trying to give a question that serious some thought?? The way I look at it, even if I would have said “no I don’t want to” how can you get angry about how someone feels? They have no control over that. Just need some advice guys.....
  20. About a year. They’re from last week!
  21. Exactly!! There’s nothing else he can say at this point because whatever he thought I was doing, he’s no better than me!!! I’m definitely gonna bring it up to him.
  22. Would definitely be hilarious! And He deserves it honestly
  23. “When you break up with him” lol! I love that. But yes! I was just trying to surprise him and I was the one who got surprised! I guess I don’t want him to think I was snooping, but even if I was, it still doesn’t justify his actions. We’ve been dating for almost a year now. And we’ve had issues in the past because he thinks I’m always on the phone or being sneaky. Sadly, a part of me is feeling like I shouldn’t say anything because he’ll just bring up the past and how he didn’t trust me. But no matter what he thinks, he’s never heard or seen me taking about meeting up with someone and having sex. I don’t want to let him get away with this, I just want to be sure speaking up is the right thing.
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