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  1. That’s the point! I don’t know when they were “together” they’ve been messing around for years. She’s only just revealed to me recently that they’re serious.
  2. We did not flirt when I was 12. I said we were together in middle school. We flirted throughout the years as adults.
  3. I never said he behaves now the way he did when he was 12. But I do know that the behavior he exhibited then went on well into his twenties. But he’s 30 as well now so I can’t speak for him as of today. Hopefully he’s done a complete 360 for her sake.
  4. Definitely not trying or hoping to “sabotage” ANYTHING. This is one of those situations where you want someone to hear it from you whether than someone else. It may not ever come out being as though it’s basically ancient history. But I just don’t want to be on the wrong side of the situation. Maybe I’m blowing it out of proportion, but I had to atleast consider what could happen.
  5. She’s 30. They didn’t just meet. We’ve all known eachother for years. But him and I knew eachother first. I believe they have been hooking up for years now. So she knows him pretty well at this point and I’m pretty sure she’s fallen in love with him, which is why she expressed wanting to be with him exclusively.
  6. Yes he definitely flirted with other girls. He’s always been the “player” type and I’ve never known him to only date one women. That being said, it’s different if she knows that he’s been flirting with her FRIEND as opposed to some random chicks she doesn’t know.
  7. This is definitely something that crossed my mind! I surely wouldn’t want her to think I’m jealous at all because I’m not.
  8. I completely agree! But it’s like I was torn between the two. It seems really petty and insignificant but once I get in my own head, I start to think maybe I should tell her.
  9. Hey guyyssss! You guys were so helpful on my last post, I just wanted to seek some advice on another situation. Most would say this is a very petty situation lol but I’m just an overthinker. So my friend (of 6 years) revealed to me recently that her and this guy is becoming serious and she possibly wants to be with him permanently. Great right?! Well, the guy in question is someone I went to school with a long time ago (middle school) and we were in a relationship. It was obviously nothing serious but he has private messaged me on social media a few times over the years but again, nothin
  10. I’ve never considered this! He’s always so caring and sweet. We really do enjoy eachother most times so I guess it’s hard for me to see past that. I honestly was just trying to help because I knew his situation. But I guess what you said could still very well be possible because I agree that he would definitely be pulling more weight than he does!
  11. You know what? I agree 100%! He definitely could’ve gotten help elsewhere. But it would have been a homeless shelter or living in his car. I’m a single parent with a three bedroom apartment. My son is gone every other week, so I had the space and he knew it. And I would have felt really bad if I didn’t allow him to atleast stay for a month. I know this might be a form of manipulation but I’m definitely not oblivious. And I agree once again, I don’t feel like any working man should NOT be paying bills! I know he was just in his own apartment so I KNOW he knows what it costs to live and th
  12. I’m not sure what his situation was years ago. We didn’t know eachother then. But when we met, he was working and supporting himself in his own apartment. Not sure why he fell behind on bills either. I’m guessing in between or crappy jobs. And I allowed him to stay because I wasn’t thinking about him trying to “weasel” his way in. The ONLY reason I agreed was because he said that it’d be temporary. I never expected a permanent situation. He was otherwise a pretty upstanding person. He did what he said he would do most of the time. So I was just looking at it like I’m helping the person that I’
  13. Exactly! I think I’m more pissed of about the fact that he’s just letting months go by without even mentioning that he acknowledges that we had an agreement. I think he feels like he doesn’t have to since we’re together. But regardless of that, I’m still my own individual person with boundaries and I expect you to respect that. I mean day to day we enjoy each other. We have fun. He’s a good guy! You would never assume anything if you were to see us together. It’s just this lingering issue in my head because he obviously has forgotten about the whole agreement and I don’t want to be disregarded
  14. Yes! He gets very defensive and jumps to conclusions before I can even make my point. If I ask if he’s still looking for an apartment, I’m referring to the agreement we made, not necessarily wanting him out. We had a plan and as a fully grown adult, I expected him to follow through with that. Not just stay here because it’s convenient for him right now. And the fact that I’m paying the bills makes it no better because it’s like why are you here if you’re not gonna help alleviate some of the expenses that YOU HELP accrue at this point? Granted, he doesn’t make as much as I do but I’m not asking
  15. I mentioned something to him once before just trying to see where his head was. But I didn’t want to come off harsh so I said “are you still looking for an apartment? I haven’t heard you say anything about it in a while” he immediately got offended and thought that I wanted him out. We hadn’t even gotten to the part about still being together because he instantly got upset about me even asking that much.
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