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  1. yes , she contacted me out of the blue. she must have been searching on Facebook for me and sent a friend request, completely randomly. So yes, i feel there was an agenda there. She's definately very single which was why i thought this could be good.
  2. yeah man, it feels like it now. the messages are getting further and further apart now ive accepted it wasnt meant to be and just said hi as a friend....no response. the whole thing was a bit weird. Dammit - thought you were in the US - might have to buy you that beer for real now haha! Let me know if youre ever in Nottingham!
  3. I think you've got it a bit wrong mate, i went in looking to meet up with an old friend - she was the one thinking 'this is it, this is the one'. All i did was let myself fall into the trap. i do agree i should manage expectations though and now let it go so thanks, i will.
  4. Its just a spot on the crown so i'll be honest it is a bit of a comb over. maybe its time for a rethink. About myself and how I view the opposite sex.
  5. One day I'm going to buy you a beer! Thank you for the kind words, lovely to hear from a stranger when you're feeling a bit down on your luck. I'll bounce back.
  6. I'll be totally honest with you I want to settle down with Mrs Right. I'm 42, going bald (which has destroyed my confidence) so perhaps i need to sort myself out anyway before I drag someone into my life! I just feel like time is running out and all the decent women have been snapped up. Right, that's enough self pity for one afternoon! im going to go to the gym to get my mind off it.
  7. Thanks. I went to meetup for ages, had some successes there but nothing that stuck!
  8. Now you mention it , she did come across as a bit like a love-sick teenage girl...but then again so did I!! I've deleted my last message to her (which she still hadn't read anyway) and will be nice if she wants to catch up but that's it.
  9. its happened a few times to the point where i'm wondering if the universe is messing with me, again - completely silly but eventually it eats away at you. They all seem to come on strong then back right off, (and I keep falling for it) its torture! Thank you for reminding me to get some perspective on it. : )
  10. Thanks that makes total sense. I think i'm just disappointed she isn't interested and can't stop wondering 'what if?' which I know is silly really and I HAVE taken it personally. I'll back off from messaging her, i don't think she intentionally led me on, but it IS frustrating that she went from messages saying 'I really want to get to know you better' and 'you're such a great guy' etc to nothing at all. Gutted. But thank you.
  11. Hi all! I'm a UK guy; here because I keep having the same problem with women over and over and now its eating away at me and making me miserable. Recently, an old friend got back in contact with me (after 15 years). She is really nice (and single!) so we got talking and arranged to meet (all on social media). She hung off my every word, complimented me ALL the time, loved every single one of my comments and when she told me who her favourite band was, I recorded an acoustic version of one of their songs with me singing! She loved it and sent me messages saying it was the best thing she'd ever heard and so on and couldn't wait to meet again. We met and everything seemed great but then the messages went from 20 + per day to a couple - and thats only because I got in touch with her first and they were all yes/no/ok mono-syllabic replies like she couldn't be bothered anymore. I was gutted and can't stop messaging her now - just to see if i can get something out of her but no luck. Was she playing me? Did I disappoint her when we met? Should I ask her outright if she got in touch because she had a fairy-tale love vision of me that didn't match reality or just leave it and carry on being polite? I want to know where I stand and if there's any point carrying on keeping in touch with her. Or am I just overthinking it all? This has happened 3 (yes 3!) times in the last year - I'm getting sick of feeling like i'm being played and led on and then suffering when they back right off without an explanation : ( I'd love to hear the female perspective on this. And for the record, when we meet no, I'm not coming across as desperate or trying too hard, I just do my best to be nice. Thanks guys J-UK
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