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  1. 1. He is ashamed for people to know I was married? It's hard to say if I think he's ashamed of you being married previously. Maybe be direct and ask him if he is? If he's mature and willing to communicate his answer honestly then I think you'll feel better about it. If he's weirded out by you asking this or begins gaslighting you then it would be a major red flag for me. 2. If you would take the photos down based on his request? I agree that I enjoy having up old photos, some even with ex's. I'm not ashamed of my past relationships and none of them ended on bad terms. I feel lik
  2. So I'm 23 and it was the day before I moved across the country so I stayed at my father and his new wife's house. The morning I was going to leave his wife went to work so my dad and I decided we should go to breakfast as we usually do. He came out in a towel and hugged me telling me how much he was going to miss me. He started rubbing my back, then he moved his hand to my lower back and went under my shirt rubbing my back. I tried to pull out of the hug as I felt super weirded out and uncomfortable. He then kissed me super soft and sensually on the lips (I've pecked my mom on the lips for yea
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