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  1. i live in California, my Finance lives in England. we met online and have gotten along super well except for 2 issues which seem minor but she has blown out of proportion. i first gave her my address some time ago then i asked her to give me her address saying i'll like to send a card or valentines day, ok i'll do it tomorrow, then i'll send it soon, then why are you pressuring me? you dont trust me? wow, then the next time i asked my house make and i are moving in two week the house owner is selling. i said you promised to send weeks ago and nothing what gives. Oh i promised? i didnt reallize i promised and it had been so long....got the old address after tht move, really? thanks. then i asked what is your new address? same treatment, then i get you dont trust me i said i would send. she finally sent. then the second seemingly ftrvial issue as it should have been, Can you go to the jewelers and get your ring finger measured? Same treatment, i ask week after week after week, she said first they were under lockdown, then she went to get her eyes measured for new glasses, but didnt go to the jeweler, really. i question this and she said if you dont stop distrusting me you will loose me. over a ring?
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