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  1. Sad but True. Thank you Wiseman. Will do.
  2. 100% I agree with everything. Also worried that the butterflies are gone... even though I understand they don't last forever. When do you know the person is your person forever?
  3. Of course, its not acceptable. That's why I'm freaking and not accepting. I also understand that things take time especially when children are involved. I don't think I'm emotionally unavailable, been pretty emotionally involved through this entire thing.
  4. All good points. Yes, we've spoken about marriage. Living together is enough for the both of us. The name change and all isn't necessary for us. (My parents of 33 year were never married, living happily.) That's the hard part, he says he'll make time. But I just cant imagine how... he hardly has time for me. Not to mention and little baby or 2.
  5. Yep, we celebrated either the day after for dinner or something. He would give a gift always. Once when money was tight, he gave a rose. That was meaningful and better than any gift.
  6. Thank you for your time. Yes, I do. At least 2. So does he. I don't mind waiting 5-6 years.
  7. Once, it was his friends Hanukkah party. Another time it was him having to go to training with the kids.
  8. Again, I went into this understanding that this is a fully committed father. But I imagined it being 70/30 at least. Not 95/5.
  9. The mother lives in another country. She speaks to them once a week by phone. She is not involved in their life. 3 hour flight, from their home to me. Because he is SO involved with the kids and believe me I am more than understanding and accepting of all his time that goes into raising these kids. But its never really me and him anymore. If he visits me, we go out with his friends. If he visit me with the kids, we are always doing fun kid activities. As a woman, he doesn't show me attention. Except once, he flew out to see me for 1 night for my birthday that was nice. All ot
  10. Ill try to make this as short as possible. Searching for some advice. Together with my boyfriend of 5 years. He is 15 years older than I am. He has 2 children from previous marriage. Kids are 12 & 13 now. Mother of the children is not in the picture. He is a full-time dad, provider, business owner and athlete. His kids are professional boxers and train 2 x a day, 6 days a week. He is the driver, doctor, father and mother, friend and everything in between for his amazing boys. We have met through a professional setting and quickly started dating. It's been hard in the beginni
  11. Seems like he may need some internal work to do on himself and some patience on your end. Maybe before making a major decision like getting married... take a few months apart and see if this is really what you guys want for each other. Not a break up, but some time to focus on yourselves.
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